I make Pimp ass avatars

X-Mas break coming up , so a lil time I’ll have on my hands.

I’ll take 3 requests , 5 if I’m feeling REALLY bored.

First come first serve.

Ooh, ooh, I’m so taking the first request!

Ok, take this image:


and put Chibi on the side with flowers in there somewhere. I EXPECT THIS TO BE PERFECT OR ELSE YOU WILL PAY THE ULTIMATE PRICE ($13.42).


can u make an av w/ this pic, jes put my name and do wateber, make it look tite, thx

Wanna just freestyle on the canvas and make me an awesome av?


I just started posting but if possible, if you’re taking teams.

Angel, K9999, and Billy Kane from KoF.

If not, Venom from Guilty Gear.

Sorry, no pics.

ohh, if you got room for 1 more (only if your doing 5) can i just have a graphic one, just put in some effects and brushing and stuff.

if your upto it then thanks alot:)

Can you make me a av of storm on the left doing her winning stance in her pink outfit and magneto in the far right side doing his winning stance where his hand is on fire in his black outfit and in the middle have this pic…kinda in the background.

if you are still doing avatar requests can you use the attached picture to make something creative, kthx


he said he’ll take like 3… and maybe 5 yet… you people hit him with 7 requests…

Finished’ed it.


I know you’ve probably taken all the requests you said, but if you could please make an avatar for me, it would be appreciated. I’d like a picture of Ruby Heart and Ibuki together. If thats not possible(which i think its not), then just an avatar of Ibuki would be cool. i’m not picky, I’ll take whatever I can get. Preferably in orange.


Could you make me an avatar of Midnight Bliss M.Bison?.. .Put the text “Saz” and “a.W.a”… .If you aren’t taking anymore request don’t worry bout it then… .Thx… .

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Yes, yes. I know. Check my little user title.

Okay , never “freestyled” before , hope this cuts the cheese.

Jaky that pic is a lil too big.

Here you go sir.





try this