I make SF3 3S videos and cheap commissions


This is my youtube channel.

In it you will find full tool-assisted runthroughs and fights of various kinds, but mostly stuff done for style rather than efficiency, so I end up making a lot of technical, TA combos during superplay runs or intense fights between two characters. I can also recreate actual fights – note my EVO Justin vs Daigo remake – so you can have it in a video of higher quality and full 60 fps.

That said, I do commissions. My price: 1$ or 1€ per round through PayPal.

That is to say:

  • One TA fight of 3 rounds with any two characters wearing any color palette: 3 dollars/euros.
  • One full MSF run : 1 round x character = 10 dollars/euros.
  • One full Superplay run of one character in any palette: 2 rounds x character = 22 dollars/euros.
  • One full speedrun of one character in any palette: either 20 or 22 dollars/euros depending on whether or not Q shows up.

Final thing to note: I can edit the characters’ color palettes, except for Gill, so if there’s a palette that doesn’t exist in the game but you would like to see the characters in it, then I can edit it for no extra charge!




please recreate this fight tool assisted



Trolled twice in a row, eh? What kind of a childish community is this?


I’m going to retroactively pay aku for a picture he already made. I don’t even need a print, keep the costs down smaller.

$3 for "12 be trollin’ "

No paypal either, they take 4% or even more now?


What are you talking about? PayPal has never taken even 0.0001% of anything from me or from people who’ve commissioned me (so far only two people). Paypal is superlative.


nah bro, I just dont see the appeal of tac’s


From one artist to another(yes, I consider TAS vids to be a form of art), I want to say I’ve seen your videos and I have enjoyed what I’ve seen. Just want to wish you luck with finding possible work from this.

That said, I’m not sure how big of a demand TAS video commissions would be from the 3S community these days, especially the ones who hang in SRK. You’d probably have an easier time in like…I dunno, maybe Unity? That’s not an insult, I’m just saying this is probably the wrong audience you’re trying to target.


Then get out of the thread, you brat.

Hmm I see. I’ll have to think about that then. By Unity you’re talking about Capcom Unity, right?
Also, thanks for your support, I appreciate it!


Yeah, Capcom Unity. They have a much broader community with some people that might be into these types of things for one fan-driven reason or another.


Paypal no “tax” to people outside the US?!

about 10 seconds of search.

$1 a Round or $1 a Beer.

Choose wisely gentlemen. $1 a Round of Beers! Maybe somewhere.


I hope all 300 views don’t think the Ryu wasn’t good or should be ashamed. :nono: Real easy to talk crap on anyone playing a “shoto” among the many out there. Respect your opponent.


What I didn’t get was that both shotos were really bad. Is it on purpose or something?


This is you will wonder about for the rest of the day.


3s players love this game so much they would do a TAS movie themselves, and not pay some dude to make one.
Also I find it sad to make a copy of art and trying to get money for it


Actually if you look around youtube, counting me, there’s maybe 3 or so people who make TA footage of 3S. And not to sound elitist or anything, although some of you are going to go “lol oh u” at me for saying this, but I easily make the best TA videos of 3S there are. Each one gets thousands of views. The first Akuma vs Ryu fight I made currently has nearly 28k views and it was even reuploaded stolen from me once already, I had to report it on youtube as stolen footage and they got it removed because I owned the video.
Sad you say? You clearly don’t understand the quality or the essence of exactly what I’m selling here. Either you don’t understand just how wonderfully complex the game is or you don’t understand the full purpose of Tool-Assisted gameplay, especially when it comes for a game of this calibre.


This is not something you can sell, you’re basically selling a bunch of “inputs”… How is this worth money? You don’t own the rights to sell any of the content in the game (it belongs to Capcom). You also probably don’t even own the original rom of the software you’re using.


of course I get how complex the game is, thats why I think it’s sad, recreating matches from known players. Maybe it is some kind of tribute but meh
anyways forgot to say some of your vids are good, gl selling stuff


Lol what is this retarded trend asking for money for some fucking videos? sebmal’s was ridiculous enough. Good fucking luck, you’re going to need it big time.


Get a proper job.


SRK does not allow the sale of anything involving copyrighted material. Nor is this even the proper section to do so.