I make things

So request.

Time machine shaped like a toaster plz.


The parts are hidden inside the toaster casing for maximum secrecy.

Could you make me a Banner with R.Mika and Effy in it?

Think you can do a joystick artwork? No one seems to want to do it:( :frowning: , but if you can, i would greatly appreciate it. Red and black background, any effect you’d like. 3S characters Ryu and Dudley on the left and CvS2 characters Ken and Sagat on the right. My screename in the bottom middle since my corners are cut. If you can, please do:D


Dios: Dimensions? Any specific pics?

Shorty: I’ll give it a try. What size is your stick?

15 1/4 x 10

Thanx alot:cool: :smiley:

Here’s what I have done so far (50% size):


Nice:eek: Think you can put them higher, remember my corners are cut;) and i forgot to add, put the 3rd Strike logo on the top left and CvS2 on the top right please:D

You are doing a kickass job:cool: :cool:

Hi I sent you a PM for a special thing to make if you want. Maybe a sort of challenge from the normal banner/AV work. Thanks


^ Those Dimensions, could you put this pic in the background? ill add more just me give some time to let the srk 240 sec rule pass by.

Changed elena to Effy, i like her better =]

it would be awesome if you could do this for me, shes in the middle of her medium kick, could you rip this R.mika sprite and put it in the banner, also, if you do rip it, could you save that sprite rip and send it to me on aim? or post it up on srk so i can save it to my hd?

Any chance for a Captain Commando Av with him and his team about to deliver the “Captain Sword” super from MvC/MvC2?

you think you can update me with progress:D :smiley:

A joystick template. Oh wait, didn’t I ask for such a thing already?

You know what that means.

…If you still don’t know, I’ll translate: Don’t go making fucking request threads if you haven’t even started the shit for people you damned know.

Have a nice day.:slight_smile:

Is that pointed to me?:confused:

No. :lol:

I don’t know why you thought it would be. Maybe now I’ll get what I requested because I put in an Internet thread. That’s the way people are these days, Shorty; caring about strangers more than people they know. Always remember that Shorty, and beware of such hooligans.

Sorry, mom.

I thought you didn’t want a template because you didn’t play games anymore…

And I’ve already made you like 5 damned artworks and templates before.

EDIT: AND I made your avatar, so don’t say I haven’t made you anything.

“Didn’t play games anymore”… that’s ridiculous. Why would I ask for a template if that was the case? To ogle over the circles and lines?

Wasn’t it like 2 days ago you said the template would be hard to get done due to lack of time this week, but you make a freakin’ request thread? Jesus.