I managed to get the instruction manual for the Qanba Q2, in english!


I spent 3 days bugging 8arc and Qanba for the instruction manual, man it was like pulling teeth!

I really enjoy the fightstick, it’s solid all around, probably one of my favorites, and I don’t wanna bring down the name of 8arc or qanba but jeez their customer support is blehhhh.

I managed to get the email of the president of the company itself through one of their reps, to which he promptly responded with the english version of the manual in .pdf form. I was surprised they had the english version considering you’d think they’d just include it in the models that ship in america. (Mine was bought from their shop on amazon.com, which amazon had in stock in the warehouse a few miles away from my house and arrived within the next day because of it).

Anywho, here’s both the manuals for ps3 and xbox 360 respectively. As far as ps4 goes, surely you guys know that the stick is only supported in games that have the driver. I also can’t seem to get the vibration light mode to work on ps4, but that’s alright. Great stick all around.