I met and played Ryan @ EVO! Formerly a Urien player so why the switch & Who do you play now?!


Oh, that one chick ya’ll already know. She’s… okay. The Mirrors are called bad games to watch but you have to know your shit to compete with someone who isn’t “they know all your moves” but knows how to utilize them the best.

I was trying to see him after all the good press I heard:

I thought he was going to be classic Blue, MP color.

The classic laugh, I heard on podcasts and streams and shows not

**KILL!!! **

Though I wanted to hear that in game anyway. Get some experience in the Urien matchup.

He busted out in game stuff before we even played.

Shit, good thing not the color of Urien where even his teeth are blue. How the hell did he do this?




<— “hah hah hah hah” Terrorizing Parry character.

Now he’s making all this money, dude must’ve got hitched twice. Double Ring Blingin.

I’ll settle for Tasty Steve said my bling is dope, diff angles give diff light on the tiger beads bracelet, pinky bling is the right finger to wear rings.


Dude Rolls REMY now. o_O

“…Fucking Ryan.”

Sources of EVO photos:


http://s212.photobucket.com/albums/cc16/Hardivh/EVO 2012/?action=view&current=DSC_0010.jpg[’][/details]]('http://s212.photobucket.com/albums/cc16/Hardivh/EVO%202012/?action=view&current=DSC_0010.jpg[/spoiler)

SRK Lounge: The Now Open Edition



is this real life


don’t let her suck your dick


damn make a gouki pic of me!


make a frog man one


very creative


Marvel 3 guys call Akuma a hippie / bum…

We know he’s maori / hawaiian

but he’s best as “Blackuma”

SF4 gouki, serious business.
poe22222, tokido, JR



cosplay is dumb…imo


Blackuma is a lifestyle, not a karate gi and wig.

you need to search 3s forums for Blackuma.


when I see those pictures I hear the Akuma music in the background

which by the way is the best stage and best music in the game

Yun/Yang’s is pretty good too


Gouki stage is best. But music wise, its ken stage.


Dose chinese spy skater kids


I thought Yun and Yang where like chinese mob members that were protecting their town from gill?

or…is it something else.


Dude why didn’t you get a picture of the dude with the badass akuma costume when JR showed up to the 3s kiosk!!!?
Did you see him?


Yang is obviously a homosex because he’s a fruit booter.


I don’t know what they are but that sounds interesting. I’ll look it up. I was just making an quasi-allusion to the music that plays when you pick their stage. It sounds like James Bond music to me, don’t know why.


Cosplay lol…
Fuck you, I’m Kuroda

Thank you for clicking out to other forums, those that did already. I will try not to link this anymore.

So lets add another dude to who you should hate, Derek Neal tier.

“thanks to my gf for the graphics!”

Video of Intro to NorCal Regionals 2010 taken down, due to “e-sports, I get paid for this now, suckers”

Graphics included traced over SF3:3s intros, the characters. ROM, Pherai, at least a 3rd person, already forgot. Damn.

“I won $20 betting on SoCal!”

Logo capcom font:


3rd Strike

It’s a Good Game

Press Start

Never, ever, agree to your gf saying we should cosplay together! But I have a feeling, since she looks okay in this but its still quite terrible, it was his idea?! I just really do not want to ponder it anymore. Hidden in the depths of some weird, “sub reddit” for “kappa” what has been seen can’t be unseen.

Lets look for other things in the pic than chunky gf and yoyo brains.
Is that AFRO ROM on the left? In Jordan 16’s, Wizards blue toe cap with the white gaiter shroud?!

3s Japan boxart wallscroll, alright. Maybe Alpha Zero 2 on the left! HAH Kingdom Squarts is wack.





*above: He’s gonna take you for a ride… where? I wouldn’t want to know


cosplay, bad idea, blackuma exists, you cannot top blackuma. You too, kax blastard Sagat.


yeah I always thought the twins stage music sounded like james bond music in the beginning parts of it.


I said I was going to stop but found enough to work with, and really still mad about that JRea twitch community manager removed some pherai gouki off the net, because corruption. No other reason explains it.


work log sources,
> AKA spend 2 more minutes with big snoop dogg pics.
>> “Dookie chain” huge bling, no need for the prayer beads!



No gif saving output working programs to keep that bling font via “pimp fonts dot net” or whoever.
& I def worked with those 3 frames way more than I should’ve.

but hey, gif color loss does look like scanlines, maybe?!

Could’ve used better or worse pics. Snoop is too big.

Akuma’s eyes are worse than Michael Jordan’s! All day, everyday.



Glad I didn’t use this one, oh now they’re makin money off snoop, “fordrizzle dot com”





Aha, winamp just hit DJ Kariu

It knows