I might have ruined a perfectly good stick


OK, so long story short I picked up a Mad Catz SFIV SE stick at a flee market. I heard about the joystick issue, so I took it apart, and saw that the washer was moving around. I then proceeded to disassemble the stick and glue the washer, the only problem is that the stick now makes a grinding noise on the diagonals. From what I can see the issue is caused by the piece of plastic that holds the spring in place, it seems to scrape the base when moving towards the sides -by the way it’s not caused by excess glue, in case anybody was thinking it. The stick itself works and the movements register without a problem, but before I messed with it, it was a fluid clicky action, now it’s like something is trying to escape from the inside of my fight stick.


You could always just but a new joystick. No need to say its ruined. It might also need some acrylic grease.


What washer did you glue???


A new JLF stick will install easily, and is a big upgrade anyways. Should be able to get a new one for ~$25.


Or get a Hayabusa.

Gluing the washer isn’t a big deal.


Won’t fit in an SE.


This is tech talk, mod it.


If the OP glued a dust washer, doing such a mod is probably more than he’s ready for.


he didnt glue the dust washer… he glued the metal washer inside the stick… this was a fix a while back because the washer would scrape the PCB.

and a hyabusa wont fit? It’s not that much bigger than a jlf and same mounting holes… gonna have to check that out


The mount plate will fit, but the connector for the wireharness will get in the way of the SE’s Guide PCB.

Solution is to rotate the joystick on the mount plate 90 degrees and adjust the wire harness accordingly.
I find it would be a excellent time of trashing that crap Mad Catz joystick connector and use a Sanwa or Seimitsu brand joystick wire harness.


its what post09ers do :coffee:


Ah, didn’t know about that issue. My bad.

As for the Hayabusa, its wiring harness hits the SE 's pcb. That said, I had something else I could put it in, so I didn’t experiment to see if there was a non destructive way to make it work.


By stick I meant the joystick. And I did add grease.

Yup heard about the issue and decided to do a preemptive strike. I was already thinking about switching it out with a JLF as PresidesntCamacho suggested, but figured I’d fix the issue until I have some spare cash lying around to import a JLF -I’m from Europe, most of the arcade parts need to be imported. In all honesty I started this thread because I was simply wondering what I could have done to mess it up. By the way the sticking/grinding happened with the metal washer removed as well. I also noticed that when I pull up, e.g. put a bit more pressure on the stick the issue disappears, so I’m thinking I might have done some damage to the spring while trying to remove that evil contraption they call a c-clip.


I never played with the default Mad Catz SE joystick for long.
The few times I had a SE in my possession I had clients ask me to upgrade the stick to either Sanwa or Seimitsu as well as a Dual Mod.
The clients did request for the return of all the original parts back, so I don’t even have a Mad Catz JLF clone to mess with.

The Sanwa JLF is a perfect drop in replacement, and it isn’t hard to install a Seimitsu LS-56-01either (provided you have the right mount plate).


I just figured somebody more experienced than me would know what happened, so I could avoid messing up any future sticsk that I may get it into my head that I want to take appart. Thanks for takeing time to reply anyway.


@kampo by joystick, I meant the joystick. :b and I believe @ed1371‌ said what went wrong.


@ogrebites‌ I don’t know about you, but if I need to change out a part with a new one, because the original doesn’t work as intended and cannot be fixed to do so, I call that part faulty/ruined. I specified that I meant joystick, because I thought you assumed I meant the whole arcade stick/control panel/whatever you want to call it, is ruined, which is clearly not the case.

@ed1371‌ didn’t say what went’t wrong. He merely pointed out that I wasn’t a moron and glued the dust protector, I glued the metal washer that is inside of the stick itself, which is a well documented fix for this series of sticks by the way.


I am willing to bet that you didnt reassemble it properly. the fix you wouldnt affect it so that leads me to that assumption…


How could you? Uh… ruin a joystick?!


@ed1371‌ Disassembled and reassembled it twice, I highly doubt that’s the cause of the problem. I’ve taken apart much more complicated things and reassembled them correctly. Actually three times, first time I reassembled it without the metal washer, I read that was a possible fix as well, didn’t like how it felt so I took it apart glued the washer, reassembled it again something still didn’t feel right, I repeated the whole process yet another time and I still couldn’t find the culprit. Which lead me to the conclusion that I somehow damaged the spring. By the way all of this has been mentioned in an earlier post…