I miss ST. :Sad:

I know it is a mute point. But, I miss ST.

Don’t get me wrong I have had a lot of fun playing HDR and it has revitalized the scene. My X360 started to flash the ROD last week and I shipped it off. In the mean time, I have hopped on GGPO and have been playing a bunch of ST. There has been a little adjustment for me going back to playing this version of the game. But overall it has made me realize how much I miss it. ST is such a great game.

That’s all.


i feel like i just walked into a eulogy… ;D

Nah. This reminds me of when guys send letters or text messages or answering machine messages to girlfriends, girlfriends that they left or left them, begging them back.

“Oh Super Turbo, I miss the sound of your voice, and the random input windows”.

See if you get that one. :sweat:

^^^ Hey, I never had any problems with the windows.

I miss playing in 16:9. I blow so many easy crossups in 4:3.

I actually like the random input windows of ST.

But by random input windows in a girl…I meant random times you can have sex with them. Input being code for penetration. :sweat:

I guess everyone missed the joke.

ST and HDR are like coffee, but ST just tastes better. A lot better.

I totally missed the joke. :clown: But, just LOL’d. To good! :tup:

“What ever happened to us, ST? We were… we were so good together.”

She says she broke it off because I have serious intimacy issues: apparently whenever she tried to hold me I’d just mash out of it.

okay, that was funny =)

(as Sim)
I miss being able to do c. fierce under Deejay/Guile projectiles
I miss Honda not having a headbutt that goes through my projectiles
I miss T hawk/Blanka bouncing off of me when he does his condor dive/ball and I’d mash on RH and say “get outta here”

Oh, and watching EVO 2k2 again watching old (shirts) and new (cole) sim take on Ohnuki Chun-Li and having Cole beat Ohnuki Chun in the finals… that just makes the pain even worse…

Come back Super Turbo :crybaby:… (whispers) come back …

I miss good netcode…

God, this thread is so depressing and true. I’ve been thinking for a few days of what else I could add to this thread, anything witty. [media=youtube]Hn-enjcgV1o[/media] is the best I can do.

Come back to 2df/ggpo man…ur guile is missed!

Ironically, now I feel like I actually have something worthy to contribute after thinking about that video.
I realized not long afterward that at the end of that song there’s this kickass guitar solo I never heard before because they never play the whole damn song on the radio.

And ST is just like that song.
They only play new shit on the radio. Because the songs are new, people like them. The new songs gain popularity and the radio station will even play remixes of old songs until they get played out.
But once in a while, on the radio, you’ll hear a great classic song you haven’t heard in a long time. There is no replacement for that vintage quality.

it never left.