I miss the ABC's

Remember these? http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=130737

How many people would be willing to start doing these again? Or maybe step up a notch and do a wallpaper contest… or even something more fitting, like stick art?

note: watchman > watchmen :confused:

yea, been think about ABC for the last few months.

I think the long break was a good thing. Not too many of the pros/OGAM’s Original Gangsta Avatar Maker have been making av’s so the styles wont be too apparent to new people to the competitions because I think what fustrated a lot of people was that nobody’s were somebody’s, or whatever…

im down to have one but who would host it?

Watches thread from afar

Yeah, the break was needed. I think it was a little overdone having them back to back. People were running out of ideas and everyone was always expecting the bar to be raised. I feel like avs in it’s self are extremely limiting anyyway, it gets old when people start taking it really serious since a great av just doesn’t beat great wallpaper or something larger, imo. Although animation is an exception.

I’m guessing if we do start something again, it would have to be avs despite my interest in something larger. I wouldn’t want to ignor the animaters.

In regards who who will be running it: if people show interest, I’m sure that won’t be an issue. I wouldn’t mind doing it.

I’ll judge if you need them. If not, I WAS NEVER HERE!

I miss quiche :sad:

He still posts. I’m pretty sure he still mods too.

I was expecting more replies than this lol. IMM seems to be really dry for actual ps/illustrator stuff these days. Both av rating and show your latest work threads seem really dead.

Should we try it?

I would enter

I guess the word just needs to get out. If no one else wants to (Quiche), I’ll try to set one up after another week.

hmm i wouldnt mind doing another one:bgrin:

I’ll definitely enter if one gets set up.