I modded my Fightstick Pro. Drilling into metal happened


This is my first stick ever, and the first time I’ve ever modded one, and it just so happens that I wanted something complicated. Per my thread in the Juri forums, I wanted a better physical layout to make playing with fireball stores easier. Of course, the FightstickPro isn’t the easiest stick to mod, especially because I had to drill into the metal top plate. (I have zero experience drilling into metal. Drywall, sure.)

After disassembling the stick, I marked out where I wanted the new buttons. Didn’t have much choice, but as long as they lay under my thumbs it’s all good. This pic shows how the black plastic casing gets in the way, but at least the electrical parts weren’t too close.

Finding a hole saw in metric was an ordeal. Finally found them at Eastside Saw (Seattle/Bellevue) so I didn’t have to mail-order them and wait. (For those of us who don’t know what a hole saw is, it’s the orange piece in this pic. I didn’t know either when I started. Thank god for Google.)

Underneath the drill is the metal rasp I used to smooth the burrs on the new holes. The black plastic bit was tougher because it was only a small piece. If it was large enough so the drill bit could “anchor” the hole saw while chewing on it it would’ve been much easier. Still, plastic is soft so the hole saw eventually chewed through it. (I unscrewed the nearby electrical pieces while doing so, of course.) Then the re-assembly began:

I just barely missed the joystick mount, as planned. (Lucky me. I’m no professional!) I chewed a little too much plastic, but that’s fine. Gives me room when I want to remove the button again. Also, I forgot that the bottom of the whole assembly has a lip on it that covers the bottom half of the yellow & grey buttons, so I had to spin them in place so the electrical wire coming into the buttons wouldn’t be squeezed. Moving the electrical wires around involved some long-nosed pliers to tighten the quick-disconnect terminals, or a tiny flathead screwdriver to open them up a bit. (I had a problem with a wire just falling off the button due to gravity. Solved.)

Also pictured: octagon restrictor gate on the joystick.

Here’s the finished product:

The artwork took a beating. The screws that hold the top plate to the black casing were underneath the art, and I peeled off the art without much thought to its reuse. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the adhesive off of the metal, so I replaced it, slightly off-center. I also decided to simply screw through it rather than try to hide the screws beneath it again. Someday I intended to change the artwork with something custom.

If anyone has questions about modding the Fightstick Pro, ask me. I became an accidental expert, of sorts.



good stuff

could always use stuff like WD40 to get adhesive residue off. let it soak for a minute and wipe and or rub it off with a paper towel.

to get the WD40 off, just use soapy water. easy peasy


Neat idea!
Question: How do you store more than one fireball if you’re only doing it with your thumb?


That is one weird layout.

Yes, exactly my question.


By the way, if you want a cleaner hole cut using a HSS hole saw then I would suggest clamping the metal plate ontop of the wood you had there. That way when you drill into the metal the drill bit goes into the wood aswell and also helps to minimise the hole saw from drifting (hula hoopin) . Also you wont need to hold the panel either (to prevent it from bending) and can get more force coming down on the drill. Just make sure you are drilling at the slowest speed aswell otherwise you will blunt the teeth on the holesaw (300-600rpm works best). I found that out the hard way.


Alternatively, use more Dremel.


I tried some Goo Gone, a scraper, and other stuff, but that adhesive was having none of my bullshit. In the end, I declared it the victor and stuck the art back on. However I would like to replace the art someday, so I may have to battle it again.

Thanks for the tip about the hula-hooping, 15 BDSM Designs. (Did I get that right?) One of my button holes is a bit bigger than 30mm because of that. Though my drill was the on/off type, I did read elsewhere in SRK to use a quite slow drill speed esp. on metal, and my friend just happened to own a variable-speed drill.

Button layout: it gets weirder. I swap kicks and punches. My index, middle & ring finger cover LK, MK, HK on the green, red, gray buttons. Pinky on HP, so thumb is on jab & strong. Effectively, Throw is the same exact place as a standard setup, and Focus basically is. Kara-throw (which uses MP) is pretty easy. The extra, grey thumb button I can use for 3K, and the last, 3P, I only need for Feng Shui activation, which usually does not need frame-tight timing, so it’s out in the middle of nowhere, under HP.


Use some paint thinner or nail polish remover next time. Goo Gone is a cleaner not a solvent and does not work like how everything it should. Also it does not hurt to use a heat gun at lower setting or a hair dryer. Glue loosens up more when its warmer and hardens more when its cold. Got a bumper sticker on your car you want gone, you can use a hair dyer to loosen that glue up.


Will do, Darksakul. Thx.


How the hell did you even get this thing open? im stuck on the tiny screws on the back after you take out the screws with the plastic rings around them…i hate this stick! then again it is my first mod too =/ i didnt find out til after i bought it.


You must get a “precision screwdriver” set. Do NOT try to use a wrong-size screwdriver on the small screws or you’ll strip them. (Strip the tops of them where a screwdriver slots into.) You can buy the set for $20 from any general store (Wal-mart, Fred Meyer, etc.)

Once you have them, be slow & methodical. Even with the right screwdriver you can still strip the screw top if you’re hasty and the screwdriver slips out of place too many times.

And yes, this stick is really crappy to mod. It was my first, and I didn’t know either. But it’s not impossible.


Actually the Mad Catz Pro is the 3rd easiest stick to mod. Your particular mod is off the beaten path so you were almost threading in new territory.
Not many people relocate button holes like you did. Now it would be great if you got a matching plexy and new artwork for your stick.


It’s still on my to-do list, but I don’t know what artwork I’d want to put on it. Juri herself seems like a no-brainer, but that’s also kinda boring – I mean it’s not like I don’t see her all the time anyway. Plus I don’t see many drawings of her throwing a wicked tae kwon do kick as much as her just being a sex doll. I might opt for non-fighting game characters, such as Shanoa from Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, or Rose from Legend of Dragoon. Or split the difference and go with Strider Hiryu. ::shrug::

All I know is, I have zero visual art skills.


Weird, wild stuff.