I must help with the instant air burning kick

im trying to do Off The Ground Towards Burning Kick and its not always working for me.
When i hold the down button a bit so its easiest but its not always working.
Im doing that very fast and im using ps3 controller.
The Backwards Burning Kick is very easy for me only if i hold the down button a bit.

What im doing wrong? =/

The exact motion is this: :qcb::ub:/:u:/:uf:. Could be that you’re doing it too fast or you’re not inputting it correctly.

In future, please ask questions like this in the Quick Questions and Answers thread, otherwise Deviljin will get mad at you, lol. You can ask any question there.

oh ok…sorry =P
I need to press the hk when i see that im in the air or just to press after the up button?

Press it very slightly after you hit up and make sure you do the joystick motion cleanly.

Now only the Backwards bk and the normal(up) bk works for me but the Towards Burning Kick not always working bec in the ps3 controller when im trying to press up+forward then im pressing the back+up buttons(the back from the burning kick) so its doing Backwards bk

I find dashing forward helps alot. In fact, it’s the only way I can do instant air BK :frowning: This also makes it extremely obvious what you are about to do though, so use sparingly (on the other hand you can play mind games by doing something else other than BK lol).