I Need 2 Hungry People To Team With!


Seriously its close to evo and it seems like everyones already deciding who they are teaming with, and im still without a team. Im looking for two beastly people to team with, i dont care what you pick as long as its not low tier and as long as you can win with it. Id prefer to have a team of Iron man players but i aint expecting to get 2 other beastly IM’s. I need a team asap so if you want to team with me PM me or just post up.


Hungry? Grab a Snickers.

Happy peanuts soar
Over chocolate covered mountain tops
and a waterfall of caramel (do do do)
crunchy nouget in the meadow
sings a song of satisfaction
toooooooo the woooooooooorld.

The world.



hurls a Resident Evil 5 molotov cocktail


stop postin in this thread if your not interested in the fucking point of it…


I’m up for it.


Im down I can play Ironman too =)


i’m down, i’ll play either im/cable/doom or mag/im/sent-a