I need a avatar of akuma


Well my friends of shoryuken.com, I request to avatar of akuma, that is my favorite chara, i like know if somebody make a avatar of akuma

thank you very much! :slight_smile:

(sorry but my english sucks T.T )


I got this. I should have it done tonight or tomorrow. :slight_smile:


Really? Thanks very much ytwojay !!

I wait in the avatar mi nick, if you can :slight_smile:


Here ya go. It’s a little boring, sorry. =\





Thanks Very Much!
A great Avatar! :cool:


you call those boring, you should see mine:lol:


ohohoho ^^








:lol: :lol: He’s not even dancing. Man stick with your air brush its much better than your animation.

But I remixed your avatar, in your style.


look the little chicken in te corner ^^