I need a Balrog player to play against

Im a chun player, and its pretty horrible how bad I am at this matchup. I would go on record as to say most decent rogs can beat me, and I really need to over come my habits in this match.

Im looking for someone who wants to play a lot as well, so hit me up. If I end up beating you a lot, I wont talk shit either, im not a dick.

my xbox gt is necrotrophic, and i dont have a mic unfortunately

just send a request, and lemme know youre from the rog forums

Never woulda thought a chun would have issues with this match.

I’d do it but I’m psn

I’ll play you. Watch for a ZRxGiantchair20 request and if I forget send me one.

I’m always down. GT on the left.

I’ll do it :slight_smile:

I’ll send you a friend request too. I’m surprised your having this problem, I get raped left right centre by Chun’s :@

I’ll add you. I think you and I should definitely play because you apparently have trouble with this match but I believe that the match is in my personal favor.

chun+super = 8-2 chun

Lol not for me. I beat probably a good 70% of the chuns I play. I don’t play any godly ones but they’re pretty good.

Chun + Super = 11/-1 Chun. I don’t see how this is possibly in Rog’s favor. Once she has super any special can pretty much be punished on block. I feel a lot of times that there is a lot of pressure to win the first round, and then just try to eat the super early in the second round to get it out of the way. It’s pretty tough to get inside since Chun can zone out Rog well with Kikokens and stand fierce. OP, if Rog jumps at you press fierce and you win, independent of what Rog does in the air … or what angle he is at.

I didn’t make this but I remember a sparring partner being baffled that he didn’t get to punish an EX-DS (Blocked) with SUPER and went to hit his frame-data (Included in the end of the movie). We assume he just did the motion a frame too late because apparantly even that can be punished on block.


In previous matches he made a point of just outright scaring me from using any special once he had SUPER which he would save for the entire match while playing keepaway Chun. Chun has a blatant advantage over Balrog - It’s not even entirely down to Super, it’s her having typically better normals, better at playing keepaway with an advantage and more mixup potential. Only thing Rog has in his favour is Chun’s low healthpool.

But yes, Chun with SUPER will pretty much disuade every Balrog with a braincell into using anything, even his crouching roundhouse (Sweep) can be SUPER’d on Block for flip-sake, which means Rog loses mostly all hope of chip damage from specials and EX specials, nevermind a big chunk of his footsie game, if the Chun is any good at all.

when chun has super, it is literally one of the only legitimate times that rogs FADC comes in handy.

you can bait super with a dash punch which you FADC back, chun will do the super, you will block it, and then you can give her a raw ultra punish (if you have one) or a pretty man punish in general.

when i play a chun who knows what she is doing, i try to maintain at least 2 bars of meter if i see her building meter, for this exact reason.

OP i’m a pretty decent rog and i’m east coast … add me if you would like.

Hi! I’m not entirely sure, but i think i can Hosenka you after an fadc’d dash punch. Rogs backdash not that good. I tried it quickly in training mode and i were able to punish it with a strict execution. I always got the reversal message, but maybe it’s just a training mode thing. But yeah, it’s still a good bait.

So i asked around and yes, Chun can Hosenka Balrog after a dash punch fadc backdash. Well, after a light punch dash punch it’s pretty strict, i have to do it perfect reversal, so it’s not that easy, but the medium and hardpunch ones are much easier to punish with Hosenka.

But still, i have to do it out of reaction, so… it’s really harsh :smiley:

ah, wonder if it is a 1 framer or something. i’ve done it numerous times as well as seen it done numerous times, against good chuns, and never seen anyone get hit by it.

and yea i was only talking LP dash punsh. that is really the only one to use if not comboing :stuck_out_tongue:

Agree’d, caught the same player with that twice once they realised them having SUPER changed my game and encouraged them to SUPER on DS blocks, which pretty much resulted in an FADC Backdash into raw Ultra on blocked SUPER.

In fairness it’s a typical tactic I use against anyone who likes to attempt reversal punishes on bad DS’es, including Shoto’s, Fei Long and anyone else who is likely to mash out anything resembling a DP (Switch DS Cancels to TAP Cancels seeing as everyone knows TAP above L1 is punishable or even throwable)


Naturally the pro’s or just players with immense reaction in general can avoid this or even punish it but it would no doubt be extremely difficult to pull off on such short notice, or at all by the average player, when it comes to FCBackdash baits.