I need a breakdown of Magneto

Ive been playing since the day vanilla came out and Im pretty good with alot of the cast but Magnus for some reason ive never really given a true attempt to get good with. I just started messing with him and he seems very different than the characters im used to. I dont really know where to begin. I was hoping a few of you might be able to give me a rundown on the need to know stuff. Im sure if I searched enough I could find the info im looking for but theres alot to wade through and it would be a chore. Im hoping for a breakdown on his most important options. Some stuff im curious about:

Bnbs- Im looking for notations and detailed breakdowns on how to pull off his bnbs. Im only looking for a few to get me started, particularly his air H dash air H dash repeat combo that everybody seems to be doing and his corner hyper grav loop (I imagine since i see these so often they are some of his most damaging options?). Any other high damage stuff is welcome too. I dont want every combo he can do, just some stuff to get me started (beginner) and some stuff thatll really hurt (any difficulty). I cant watch embedded vids and for some reason, links to youtube dont work sometimes for me so written descriptions would be optimal. Please include stuff like when a particular timing is involved or tight.

Resets- From baby to advanced whatever his best resets are and how to do them

Mixups- I know he has instant overhead j.L, and j.H can cross up at the right distance but thats about all I know.

What are his best ways to get in and get started?

Any other key notes on Mag would be appriciated as well. Im thinking of using him to replace firebrand as one of my mains on my wesker-vergil-firebrand team if i can get good enough with him or if i can only get him to decent, maybe pairing him up with deadpool n wolv or akuma just for messin around. If you wanna throw in any specific team combos for those combinations thatd be pretty helpful too. Like I said vids wont help much so the more detailed the explanations the more helpful theyll be. Thanks a ton in advance guys Im looking forward to learning him.

Everything you need to know!

Come on

How lazy can you possibly get, we have multiple threads stickied that cover exactly what you are looking for. It’s not like this is some unpopular character subforum which has been abandoned since month two of vanilla. The information here is presented well and easily approachable while being updated for ultimate.

Read the UMVC3 BnB + Mixup/Reset threads +Q&A + General + Team threads which will cover the majority of the questions you are looking for. And watch RayRay/Fanatiq/FChamp/Joker matches and learn how they approach Magneto and his matchups, for anchor Magneto look at Yipes(when he occasionally plays Magneto) or Ranmasama.

Psylocke, Sentinel, Cable, Tron Assists.
Resets, mix-ups, and ROM.
Done Deal.

Doom rocks isn’t bad either. :wink:

to add to this:

cr.lk is 1f. use that to your advantage. if you have psylocke ust mash that shit everywhere, dont even worry, itll work, at worst, itll trade and psy still hits and you recover in time to dash lk cr hk hypergrav etc etc

to open the match, dont always just mash the cr lk. you can j.lk (call a good horizontal assist here, like storm-a or sent-a) lk hp hk snapback. or if you think your opponent will mash his AAA to open, j.hk+assist, dash forward, land, double snap (youll be facing the opposite direction so be careful)

good luck!


Wow, so ignorant and unhelpful. All I wanted was a good mags player to run down a few of his best options. I dont wanna spend hours searching through threads because while there may be a ton of info, all i want is what most would consider the best info. i dont know where to start, its daunting… Id rather spend my time in training practicing these tactics than searching thousands of posts spending all my time tryna figure out what tactics to practice in the first place. Forget it, not even worth it. Somebody can close this. Im not even gonna learn him now, I dont play that internet hardass shit.

Oh boo hoo,

It just shows you didn’t even attempt to open the threads stickied here.

You know the BnB question:

This literally has the majority of Magneto BnBs in the first two posts, categorized from beginner to advanced with notations and videos courtesy of the good man Dino. You coming here asking that question shows you didn’t even attempt to look at that thread.


How about 7 million of them in one easy to read 5 page thread. Did you even look at the topics available here? Your questions themselves are already answered by actually hitting ctrl+f and typing “BnB” or “Reset” on the Magneto forum.

It’s kind of stupid asking questions like these when that’s the exact reason threads like these were made and compiled for, props to Dino for maintaing the combo thread and creating a new easy and accessible combo thread for Ultimate. Every other question you probably want to ask has been probably asked in the general/Q&A/team threads, and if you still had problems I’m sure most posters are willing to help.

Seriously, for some characters I try to learn sometimes I can’t even find BnBs because the combo threads have not been updated since Vanilla with the first post showing brady guide combos. and the mixups/tech are scattered through 20 pages of general discussion thread dating back to vanilla.

I have yet to find a post or thread that outlines just the best or most damaging combos, resets, mixups, and best ways to get in in one convienient post. Why not just have 1 thread with all that in one post for beginners/people whos time is valuable? Forget it, if I wouldve know people would get so insulted at my asking for a brief run down of all his best tools I wouldnt have bothered. I cant believe people are getting mad about this… Get a life, I just wanted to get in training to practice tried n true methods, not sift through 6000 combos to find the best 2 or 3. All i needed was one decent reply you couldve let this thread sink to the bottom. You dont have to chime in with ignorant/rude shit. I wanna learn how i want to, not how you think i should. You waste more energy writing walls of text telling me im lazy when you couldve just helped. Yeah, I am lazy, and busy. SFW. Crying cause I asked a question, get over it. I guess I ruined the board huh? lol
edit- yeah props to that guy for keeping up with the thread. Once i get past baby steps Ill prolly utilize it quite a bit.

Learn to tri dash and fierce loops.

But did you really to start a thread about info thats already here? It would have taken you 5 minutes TOPS to find out.

Since i dont really understand what that means, yeah i kinda did. I want to know what those loops are, if theres specific timing involved, what exactly is a tri dash n how to do it… Im a complete noob w Mag n i dont play any characters with flight/angled dashes, etc… I was hoping for a quick in depth answer to all my questions so I could get right into training and matches. 1 thread like this could have saved me alot of time searching, posting in and keeping up with several other threads. Seems as tho im wasting just about as much time and energy here trying to get a single helpful answer tho… You guys are making me feel bad but like, am i really that wrong for asking for a few tidbits about the best things to learn with him / strats for the teams im tryna put him on in one spot? Is it really that big of a deal? I dont know anything about him right now. I just wanna get in the game asap and once i know what im doing a bit, im sure ill be able to make sense of all those other threads solely dedicated to each question i asked. For instance I dont know what the fierce loop is. i imagine its what i asked in the first post under bnbs.But going to the combo thread i wont know that from any of the other combos listed. And once i do how do i know if theres a specific timing once you activate flight? I just wanna get in the game but im not as experianced as most to make sense of all this info. Thats why i simply asked for a few of his best options, how to do them in detail, and how they work. Thanks for not being rude but your post was like greek to me. Im not even a beginner with him yet, you get where i was coming from now? Sorry if i ruined anyones day.

You ruined my day.

Watch RayRay/Joker/Fanatiq/Tokido matches and copy what they do.

The realest answer is Magneto is a character that rewards execution. That execution comes in leaps from training mode time sunk. No one just jumps to the advanced stuff. This isn’t wesker where basic is Gunshot teleport and advanced is teleport with SRK. The list of BNB’s is there so you can try them and see where you are at. You do the one that feels natural and work on the ones that don’t.
Setups are situational, specific, and there is no better way to learn them than to read in detail what people are writing. That is in the threads linked to (but also at the top of the forum list). People aren’t telling you that this shit is hard and everything is laid out already because they are dickish meanie heads. The information is already laid out in the most informative, easy to digest form. This shit really is hard, and to learn it you have to go step by step. There’s no skipping from Chapter 1 to the epilogue here.

Even if someone spent the time to summarize it all into a bite sized post that post would be out of date almost as soon as it was written. Then we’d have a misleading post and shit would be more fucked.

Unless and until the wiki is open to edit by normal users there will be no bite sized up to date summary. What we have now is a good approximate.

You can’t just go in with knowing one BnB, Reset, and Lvl 3 combo and think your fine and dandy for the rest of your time playing.

I can’t just pick ryu, learn J. :hk: Cr. :mk: :qcf: :p: and go in expecting to win all the matches I’ll ever play.

First you are going to read this:

Secondly you do deserve any kind of heat you get for this thread. The guys in the Magneto forums spend a lot of time posting tech and keeping information organized. If you take the combo thread from the very top to the bottom, you get a progression of combos from easiest to hardest; as well as developing your muscle memory for the harder ones as you go down the list.

This is a site to discuss the games. This is not a place for baby sitting or dropping shit in people’s lap. the information is as close to having it on your lap as possible and you are going the extra lazy way about it. You don’t have to ask for anything because all the information to get started on magneto is mostly organized in a nice ways.

We get were you are coming from, you are lazy as fuck. How about you man up, take your lumps, do the research and then you can go into the Q&A thread or the combo thread where they are insanely awesome about answering questions?

Lol I saw this on the Zero forum, had a good laugh

Damn that made me laugh pretty hard… And I’m operating a room ATM! Lol!!

Ways to make the Magneto boards seem scary:

  1. Act like a fucking retard.
  2. Don’t read the first posts on the stickies.

Ways to make it one of the best subboards on SRK:

  1. Think for one fucking second before you post.

Amen brother