I need a chun Guru (ST)

Basically I play her a lot but I dont have a lot of exp. Strange sit I know. Basically I’m not very good with her strategy and footsies/defense. Especially against a good honda (no wiki info, her fb isn’t that great so id have to footsie zone him then fb him when he messes up… the former would be hard.) or blanka. (quick, gimmicky, damaging, annoying) If someone who’s a chun “expert” could “tutor” me that would be great.

Just watch a lot of Ohnuki or Otochun etc. videos on YouTube. ST has a fairly small move set for each character, so the odds are that when you see someone of elite level like Ohnuki use a move, it’s the right thing to do in that situation. You can learn pretty much everything you need about playing ST at intermediate levels from match videos on YouTube. If you understand the basics of ST then picking up on what’s happening in a match shouldn’t be a problem especially if you can pause and rewind the match and analyze it over and over again.


what’s with the jabs in btw fireballs? i mean with blanka and honda the jab can mess up their roll/headbutt, but I’m seeing it with ryu. The only thing I can think of is that through the jabs v ryu you can make the ryu fireball trying to hit you during your vuln frames and then counter with a kikoken, and eventually control more space or just to make him jump and leave himself sorta vulnerable to an anti air or landing on a fireball.