I need a common ground ps3 pad

sorry if it’s been noted somewhere else, but is there a true common ground ps3 pad out there?

Just wondering why you need a common ground?

ps3/360 mod with an optical stick

user doubled up inverters or buffer circuits to seperate the GNDs

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    EDIT - you should be able to use the voltage supplied to the pad for powering the chips…you’ll need two 8x Buffers or 16 inverters.

The only one I have found, and I’ve tried about 8 different ones, is the Madcatz. The only problem is it has that stupid issue when you hold left. Where it just “forgets” you are holding left after a few seconds.

The hori pad is close, 3 grounds, but that doesn’t help you much. Maybe the Universal PCB from Toodles will work for you?

If you just need the common ground for the stick, then the hori pad does use the same ground for all of the directionals.

The Fs3/HRAP3 PCB"s use Common ground PCB’s.

well the pcbs in hori’s sticks are generally huge. i don’t know those particular sticks, but if they’re the kind that the buttons solder through, they’re way too large for the space i have available.

i suppose since i only really require common for the optical stick i could just use the sixaxis with a couple dpdts to sever the grounds into 4 groups between systems. anyone know of a single switch that will switch like 5 circuits?

my electronic knowledge doesn’t really exceed basic circuirty so the doubled up inverters or buffer circuits are out of my league unless someone knows a good tutorial or reference.

i appreciate the help guys

Hrap3 doesn’t have soldered on buttons, so it would be that big, the VSHG also has a TINY pcb, but it of course has that input problem.

i think the hrap is kinda pricey for this mod and i don’t think i could even find a vshg even if it didn’t have problems (of which i’m unfamiliar)

What he said.