I need a crimping tool, please help

Anyone have a good crimp tool for less than $20? I’m trying to crimp .187 solderless quick disconnectors and i theres no way i can do it without superman strength

Improvise? Maybe get something you can apply some weight onto and place it ontop of the quick disconnect on a flat surface. Keep an eye on the trading outlet just in case.

Most of the time, any crimping tool less than $40ish aren’t that good. You could try using pliers.

i tried using pliers and it seriously takes superman hands to get the end to close, i know i must be doing something wrong.

Your right there. I bought one with a pack of quick disconnects because it was cheap, 10-15 mark. I could have done a better job with my teeth. Now I just use it as a back scratcher on those hard to reach places.

you can get a basic electricians multi-tool from home-depot/lowes for ~$10 that will do a decent job of crimping quick disconnects. if you want something better than that a ratcheting crimper will set you back about $30 for a cheap one.

Go to Walmart and get a 10$ one :smiley: cheap and i think its decent it has a stripper and crimper…

pliers don’t give you leverage like a crimping tool would. maybe just use a hammer.

I got mine from radioshack for 15.

Paid $7 for mine at radio shack some years ago. The walmart one works fine.
There’s a right way and a wrong way to crimp. The right way is to align the part of the QD that folds in over the wire (usually the top) with the part of the crimper with the point sticking out (not the round end). You don’t need much pressure. You’ll feel it crimp tight.

I used pliers fine, but it did take some bit of strength. I think it also depends on the brand of QD’s you buy. I got mine from Fry’s and the metal wasn’t very hard to crimp with pliers.

use small vice grips

you can use pliers, and radio shack has a decent crimper for cheap.



my first crimping tool that i bought was from radioshack when making my first box, it was decent price and got the job done. It had the stripper the cutter and crimper for less than 10$. Crimping the .110 dc wasnt so bad, only messed up 1 or 2 of my dc