I need a custom case

I have a Spare Vewlix F panel and I need a stick body. I’m calling this my ahem OVERCOMPENSATING stick.

Anyone know who makes or can make me one? I imagine it would be similar to the bodies hitbox makes.

Lemme know.

I think @FreedomGundam made some nice custom ones for an arcade panel, not clue if he’s selling or making more though.
Also are you going to post up pics of your Shadaloo panel?

Yes. Review is incoming.

Yep, I did build some cases for arcade panels, but they were specific to the oddly rounded shape of Sega Astro/Blast/etc panels.
Not that it’d be particularly hard to build one that’ll fit the perfectly rectangular Vewlix panel, but I’m not immediately equipped to handle those, especially since the routing in particular would be different.

Are you selling your cases for Sega Astro/Blast panels? OMG I would be interested!!! <3