I Need A Custom Faceplate For my Madcatz SF4 TE Stick!


I live in NJ and I’m looking for a new faceplate for my TE stick. I’m sure it’s been covered somewhere but I can’t find the exact info I’m looking for and I need help.

I would like to get in contact with someone who can make these custom plates with good quality (Not just some shitty cut plastic).

*I wouldn’t mind seeing others that have already been created that I can purchase

*I mainly play MVC3 so I would like something related to the title

*If anyone has any suggestions on artwork post it if you can

Thank you in advance!

(Also I have seen this – http://shoryuken.com/content/making-your-stick-pretty-custom-stick-art-guide-tutorial-62/

This is cool but I just want to pay someone else to do it)




do you want a whole new custom faceplate? meaning you want to rearrange where the buttons are? or do you just want to change the picture?


From that link you posted it seems you just want new artwork. First hit up this thread and look around: The Official Street Fighter IV TE Fightstick Template Thread
If you don’t find the art you want, pm d3v, he does commissions. Then go here: Tek-Innovations
You should get a plexi for the top of your TE, and Art can print up the template for you.


@chuu - I don’t want to rearrange the buttons. Just the artwork will do.

@kitsunisan - Thanks a lot for the info that really helped!


i see that Kitsunisan helped you out :slight_smile: You’ll find lots of art at that link he gave you, i post templates on there alot.