I need a Ghetto Style AV

Right now I’m using this gem on houston240sx.com but I have 2 ideas.

But I want something with me and my GF’s name on it, I mean I’m lovin’ then one I’m using now (see above) but keep Sean in White but get Ibuki in Pink like it’s counterpart and lighten up Sean just a shade or 2 to a more Hispanic tone, Ibuki is JUST fine.

OR what I Really Want

Ghetto Kyo (2003/XI Kyo) and Vanessa AV where they are together (like the above AV)

Kyo in Blue Jeans and White T, Black Jacket - In a Hispanic Skintone w/ DARK Brown (almost black) Hair
Vanessa in Black Pants, Pink Shirt, White Tie, Black Hair - REALLY lightskinned blackgirl complexion.

Also our names are Mycah and Roscilla - if you find a way to put in Boricua or Creole that’s cool too.

The Background = Some kind of Street Background.

As for Sprite Editing, if you got the skillz, USE THEM like I said I fuckin’ LOVE the above one but it’s not “For Mycah” ya know?

If anybody can pull this off I’d love them for life - prolly even go premie just so I can Rep Them.

Also a matching sig block would kickass as well.

Also you guys have a LOT of Canvas to work with on this AV.

160 x 160 and 24.4KB

wow - no takers?!

Thats fucking rude not to ask shatterstar since he made it.

I coulda swore I did, but I didn’t - you’re right but ain’t it obvious he made it?

I thought he woulda just popped in here and blessed me with something - I didn’t mean to piss anyone off…if I did

The thing is, you want someone to edit an avatar which he made.


That Hispanic Nigga stole my avatar!!!


your requesting for 2 avatars plus a sig block, sprite editing, didnt provide any kof sprites, nor did you provide a bg, and YOU DIDNT ASK ME IF YOU COULD EVEN USE MY AVATAR ON ANOTHER SITE???1

if this isnt considered fuckachunkz material then i dont know what is…

anyway, i’ll do it but i need:
[] the actual sprites that you need for the av
] a background or just tell me which stage
[*] and at least 3 days to do this. i mite be able to do it in 2 but to be safe…[/list]

Damn, my bad man - I didn’t know IMM protocol…I’m sorry

I’m never in here, I’ll post up more stuff needed later tonight when I’m off work.

Also I didn’t intend on anyone else editing Shatta’s AV - I thought he himself would jump in with “Hey!, thatnks for the props Mycah - I got you on an AV”

Again, I didn’t mean any disrespect.

it’s coo’, man. i was just messin with you. at least i kinda know who you are verses some random mathfucka is just usin my shit. i aint trippin’.

Been busy as hell with work - I’ll post the goods up ASAP.

aiight then.

Damn, gamegen.com is fuckin’ up still, The “V’s” still ain’t uploaded yet (I need Vanessa Sprites)

Damn You Frankie!!! - Get that shit back up!!! lol

aye just tell me the year/ version of KOF for the sprites and i could possibly take it from there.

Kyo = '03 & XI Kyo w/ Hispanic Skintone

Vanessa = ANY year Vanessa was in KOF ('99, '00, '01, '02 & XI) with Lightskinned Black Skintone

If you somehow get the “Street” BG from CvS1 you’re god - get them in a pose like the above AV.

sorry, been busy with work. i’ll get on it soon.

It’s cool man - Take your time

request pt. uno

and finale.

Man, those sprites on the sean/ibuki avs are fugly.