I need a Ghetto Style AV

aye, adam, take that dick out yo’ mouth and go fuck ya’self.

either make somethin better or just go mash some dude’s nutts like you tryin to get out of a dizzy or somethin’. we need only constructive criticism in IMM not some “random nigga’s” opinion. and yes i’m callin you out. put up or shut the fuck up.

Aye? WTF are you a pirate? You want constructive criticism? Burn that shit and the hands that made them because they’re not fit to touch dick including your own. 3S sprites are clear and detailed and you somehow managed to make them ugly. Give yourself a pat on the back for shitting on one of Capcom’s best works.

[]There’s no definition on Ibuki’s hat or her shirt. It looks like somebody dressed the bitch in cotton candy.
]There’s a sharp contrast between the original sprite, and the attempted edit. A sprite shouldn’t look cut and paste.
[]Ibuki’s pants blend into Shawn’s shirt. They look like faggoty siamese twins.
]There’s very little resolution. The entire av (except the BG) looks like it was done in MS Paint.

Need more?

Whether I can do better or not is irrelevant. Ugly is ugly all day long. You want to shut me up? Edit a sprite that doesn’t look like an ass imploded on itself.

As far as criticism, I’ve had IMM heads far better and definitely more talented than you ask for my opinion and thank me for it. I could snatch that tampon out of you and smear a better av than that. Stop getting your feelings hurt.

You don’t like my opinion? Ask someone like Slide, or Y2J who isn’t up in your circle jerk for there honest opinion. Shit, even Chibi would keep it real. I’m betting OC and Quiche would do the same but they’re too nice.

EDIT: Actually, post up the original sprites and if I have time this weekend, I’ll get at it. My first sprite/av edit ever. And if it’s better than yours that’ll be pretty fucking embarrassing.

it is MS paint. i make ALL my av’s out of mspaint. :confused:

but here’s my point…WHO THE FUCK ASKED YOU?! everybody knows im not better than OC, Quiche, DD, DG, SSJ, ect. but the av requester ask for me to redo something that I edited. apparently my work isnt all that “fugly” if a nigga had to steal my work and use it on a other forum. im sorry that my work doesn’t compare to your standards but i really would prefer that you just not go shittin on somebodies work when you can’t even do the shyt ya damn self ya fuckin’ hypocrit.

Aye, Bill Clinton isnt president anymore. catch the fuck up, nigga. God Speed.

I don’t know why you took the shit personally, but you’re still talking shit so…

CAN’T and DON’T are two different things and never assume you know the extent of my capabilities BOY. All I said to do was find the sprites so I can shut you up at my convenience. Finding sprites is about all you’re good for and you can’t even get that right. I don’t want the fugly shit you already butchered.

While you’re at it, feel free to look up the term “hypocrite”. You might learn something and stop using it incorrectly.

I’m lovin’ it it just needs a better font for the text!!!

Creole FTW as the text.

And seriously, WTF it with the beef - I liked the idea of the AV, not many people do “Ghetto Otaku” style, I think the AV itself is a beautiful idea, I mean yeah it’s MS Paint but I mean it’s done nice IMO, I like it.

LATER EDIT: Give Kyo Blue Jeans, Vanessa’s Colors are PERFECT.

here ya go, penis.

preform your “magic”, and dont be tryin to get help from anyone. do what you do…from scratch…like i did. nobody assited me in any of my work so nore should anyone assit you. since you’re so broken then this should’nt be a problem for you.

also, i want you to understand that i dont have any e-beef with you. im a grown ass man. the only time i have time for this kind of nonsense is when it’s BR time. squash this shyt. now.

@ Mycah,

i dont know Creol. give me somethin to work with, also, il fix that finale one later on today. since i deleted the file in error i gotta re-edit the job again. one more thing, which text should i use instead? mind you of teh limitz of teh mspaint.

I’ll have to get home to do that also use White for the text color.

aiight, then.

Edwardian Script in White, change Kyo’s Jeans to Blue = Winner!

Have the Creole in that script, FTW in a normal font.

pm me, son.

Any updates?

did you read the above post at all…?

Said your box was full when I tried, I’ll try again. :sweat: