I need a good PS3 adapter, PLz help

i read the above post about the different adapters, but before i buy one i just wanted to get feedback from some of you guys here,

i bought this stick


i need to know what the best adapter for Ps3 is and where i can buy it from.

thanks for the help.


That site offers an adapter they claim works specifically with the MAS sticks they offer:


ya i saw that one, i just wanted to get feedback from people who may have experience with this type of mas stick and might know first hand what some of the better ones are, or if the one on the website is a good adapter.

thanks for the help kazujiro, i will probably just get that adapter.


Search and read this thread, and post in it if you have any further questions: Controller Adapter/Converter Thread. :smile:

I’ve never even heard of this, though. Usually I trust that site just fine, but it’s sketchy how they have no pictures or mention of brand name.

alright, thanks

i posted there and no feed back, so just going to bump this in hopes of a little bit more feedback.

thanks again

I have that stick and bought an adapter from Fry’s that works well. It was a non name brand and about 10 dollars. Not sure if you have one in your area, but if you do I would check there.

you could try ebay as well.

i heard that some adapter cause some lag, so that is why i was wondering what the best adapter might be. I do have a fry’s near by, i guess i can check there as well.

and RayU how do u like the stick and is it working fine? hows the adapter lag?

whats your feedback on the stick? would u recommend it to others?

which adaptor wokrs with the 15th anniversary stick?

try an INPIN

where do u get that?