I need a great gaming router, possibly that could withstand torrent bandwidth

I don’t know much about routers so I need help.

I’m looking for something around the 50$ - 150$ price range that can handle a lot of bandwidth and possibly torrent bandwidth.


WRT54GL with Tomato

Or this router,

ASUS RT-N16 with Tomato/DD-WRT and Optiware (for Torrenting/Seeding with it)

Can be used as a seedbox if you plug an external drive into it.

Running the same exact router with tomato right now. Loving it! I can run torrents and game without lag.

What is better, Tomato or DD-WRT?

DD-WRT has a lot more stuff.

Tomato has less, a better QoS and is little more straight forward.

You need to flash DD-WRT to flash to Tomato iirc anyway.

Guess i’ll use DD-WRT then, i’m excellent with software.

Thanks for the help!

I use a tomato hack myself. It’s why I love Linux based routers, if the dev doesn’t add it, someone else will.

Seconding the RT-N16 with Tomato. I use an RT-N14 (same thing but no USB), runs buttery smooth.

I think I’m going to pick up a RT-N16 to replace my aging WRT54G with DD-WRT installed. 80 bucks isn’t that bad for a powerhouse router.

I use the Apple Airport Extreme, and a Buffalo N Router.

Both of them have been rock solid and have handled anything i have thrown at it.

Never had problems with my wrt54gl

Edit: But it is aging and the RT-N26 does sound nice.

I’d say to get this one. It’s crazy fast!


I recently upgraded to this and my internet has never been better. It’s 9 dollars over your price range.

belkin play n600

I had a Belkin and it did not play well with Xbox LIVE. Perhaps the problem has been resolved but it certainly scared me away from using Belkin again.

Regardless, I suggest any of the Asus linux routers available. And if you don’t like their mediocre firmware, there is Tomato or DD-WRT as suggested.

No, you can flash directly from WRT54GL original firmware to Tomato.

I was talking about the RT-N16 since that was the one he was thinking about getting.

I have a WRT54GL so I know about that :slight_smile:

I think I might have just bricked a router…

So now off find a new one!

No. You can unbrick it if you have access to TFTP.

A bad flash doesn’t mean the end of a router.

Just google your model number and “unbrick”

Thanks for the motivation.

I figured out that I needed to set up a static ip in order for me to finish the flash.

Now running DD-WRT on my wrt54g v8

I remember seeing a bandwith monitor for tomato, is there anyway to get this with DD-WRT

I think there’s a graph, but it’s not as nice as the way Tomato does it.