I Need A HUNGRY Team for Evo East


For the Evo East Team Tournament, I need 2 HUNGRY partners for my team for MvC2.:wgrin: I, myself AM SUPER HUNGRY!!!

WHATS GOOD?!?!?!?!


I would team with u but who exactually are u, im not sure if i know u at all?


IM FUCKIN HUNGRY!!! yo chunk lets team up it doesnt hurt to have 2 one hit killas on a team =D


man who the hell would want you on there team =0


Josh ill team with you i suck now though lol


Just some scrub that got 2nd place in MvC2 at Evo World last year. Clearly he’s a nobody.


Too bad after Mike Chaos bitched out, I haven’t been interested in Marvel anymore :wasted:


Last I heard Duc was training Mike Chaos in Marvel right?

I know Duc came out and said that after “The Interview 2”.

He isn’t training for nothing,so maybe he will change his mind?


Josh360! What’s good man? Who would the other team member for our team be?

Lordguy, what Spirit Juice said, but he’s joking about the scrub part.

Spirit Juice, show some love for the YAY area son:lovin:

So far, PushBlockSaveLife has asked first, if I wanted to be on his team with John Sindel aka SENTINAAAL. So im still deciding which team I want to pick.

Keep posting =]



Me and Magneto-X will team up with you.

… oh wait, we’re not going :frowning:


it doesn’t matter what he’s doing, it’s obvious that his boy “The Gamer Formerly Known as Duc Jr.” officially called off the bet b/c he said Chaos isn’t coming to EVO. at that point I officially called off all of my moneymatches because I’m tired of dealing with children who don’t know what it means to agree to a bet and think they can back out at any time.

I am no longer participating in moneymatches, period. I will still do side bets on high profile matches but that is it.


Buy me a plane ticket and I’ll team with you Chunk <3


LOL. I wish I could man, but tickets are mad expensive now =[
Maybe next time lol <3


I was being sarcastic, Chunk. You know I loves me some NorCal! :smiley:


ECC Teams is my house. Pay for my lodging and my ticket and I got your back, Chunk


Remember Chunk, i want a number one with a whooper jr when u arrive here :wgrin:


Dont buy this piece of shit a goddamn thing! I wanna play you for that burger bitch!

BTW: Thx to Amir and you for the ride to Kingz Plaza!:lovin:


No Prob, the direction back home were on point:sweat:


Alright folks! It’s official, Me/PushBlockSaveLife/John Sindel for Evo East Team Tournament!



shiiiiiit do what you do make it work for you.