I need a lag less solution to play my ps2 on EVO2k12 monitors

I’ll be hosting money matches/Tournaments on various games one being cvs2 which I really need it to be literally lag free… I don’t want to bring my own tv so I need some kind of adapter so I can play them on the ASUS LCD monitors without lag, thats if they are still supporting monitors again this year for byoc.

I have this exact same question, not for EVO though…we need answers people!! lol…

Dunno if anything would be 100% lagless, you’d have to digitize a frame and read it into a framebuffer, process it, and have it output at whichever resolution, and that doesn’t come free. That being said, there are some upscalers that are regarded as near-instant; the Micomsoft ones in particular are like this, the “Framemeister” is the most recent one does HDMI out, and is said to have almost no lag.

I wrote up some crap about upscaling within the PS2 but it looks like the EVO monitor doesn’t support component… I spoilered it in case anyone really wants to read it.


Do the EVO monitors support component? There’s a program for PS2s capable of running homebrew called GSModeSelector, which can scale a PS2 game’s output within the PS2 (so no upscaling lag) to 480p, 720p, or 1080i. There’s a ton of caveats to this, such as that you can’t put it in 720p or 1080i modes without the video being stretched horizontally, the program is hard to set up, and it doesn’t work on some games for some display modes, or sometimes at all.

IMO your best bet is feeding it 480p, which will remove any deinterlacing lag, and keep it non-stretched. If 480p lags more than 720p then you’d want to use that and just deal with the stretch.

If you want literally lag free, you might as well go for a regular CRT TV through composite or CRT computer monitor with HD BOX PRO.

The EVO monitor is not truly lagless but it can do the job decently with the HD BOX PRO.

It will probably be easier to find a goodwill in vegas a day before the tourney and find a 20 incher.

If you really want to use a PS2 on the mentioned monitor though you’ll most likely need a scaler in some form. You can get a multi-hundred dollar XRGB3, the abovementioned HD Box Pro, or grab a $30 chinese scaler (covered in this thread). Not sure what plug the XRGB3 and HD Box output to, but the chinese scaler outputs to a VGA cable so you’d need a VGA > DVI adapter.

Again though, these are most likely going to introduce lag (even if minimal) in some form. I’m with rtdzign, that it’ll probably be a hell of a lot easier (and cheaper) to just find a TV there if you’re that concerned about the lag factor.

dreamcast cvs2 with vga box >> everything

Keep in mind that doing it that way is a pain in the ass. And would require you to carry around these two delicate circuit boards and quite a bit of cables.

PS2 component to Scaler then scaler to TV via VGA then VGA to DVI (which might cause lag, I don’t know) THEN for the audio you have to convert the red and white cable to 3.5 AUX cable then plug that in.

In short: Lotta stuff. Good part? Once you’re done you can pick up a Sync Strike too and use it to make all your old systems run super nice on your TV at home.

The Framemeister, though expensive, is a wonderful little box. Not having done any scientific-type verification, I don’t seem to experience any noticeable lag on my Samsung plasma.

I think I’ve read the 30 Chinese scaler has a bit of lag, anyone know for sure? That’s why I didn’t mention it.

I think Torta has the right idea. CvS2 was a NAOMI game after all.

You (or someone else) told me that they do but if you’re on any kind of budget it’s the best option.

Bit off topic though: How expensive are those other options? Do they work in largely the same way? Just plug SCART in and it comes out something else?

Nothing will be as lag free, high quality, and cheap as using a Dreamcast with VGA box.
Only thing comparable is an actual NAOMI setup, and just plugging it into the monitor directly, but then controllers get questionable.

Ok then I guess the question is how will I be able to bring a tube tv into the evo hall and what size should it be?

Ps thanks everyone

Don’t they have some guys who play older games? Like games on the Saturn? Why not ask them?

you could always try getting a small CRT tv for dirt cheap/free on kijiji/craigslist. Often people are just giving these things away, then you could always try flipping it after the event to reduce your losses.

there was a hori lcd screen for the PS3 that also works for the PS2. It won’t upscale the images so you are still playing at 480i. I brought it last year to evo and didn’t have any problems.


The hd box pro and the cga vga scaler is 2 frames. dvdo edge is lower in game mode. xrgb frame meister is possibly lower. Even a dreamcast outputting via vga is going to have to be scaled on the evo monitor. crt will always be the best option for frame sensitive games on older consoles.

I somehow doubt that. Are you saying its displaying a tiny ass image in the center of the screen, somehow without deinterlacing applied?

Dunno about that, a LCD is a fixed resolution and can’t be interlaced, it has to deinterlace an interlaced signal then upscale it to the panel’s resolution (or leave it 480 lines high, floating in a sea of black). The scaling itself is sort of a moot point, deinterlacing is where most of the lag comes from anyway.
edit: Woah, beaten. I did find this site: http://blog.solaris-japan.com/?p=549 saying about the Framemeister “According to Micomsoft the signal delay is only 1.54 ms” which is pretty close to instant, if they’re referring to a 480i signal then this could be a good bet.

Holy freaking cow! That thing is awesome! I mean, it costs a buttload of money but IT’S AWESOME!

The Framemeister really does a beautiful job with 240p processing. It’s nuts.