I need a list of parts I would need for my Xbox 360 Joystick to work. 8 button set-up

Ok guys I know I’ve been asking questions these past days and thanks for all the help. I purchased my ideal joystick and also have a ideal on the push buttons but now I’m brainstorming on how I would get it all to work. I would like to set-up the push buttons to have a 8 button layout. Example is like this http://www.talkxbox.com/hreview5.html with the left button on the left side next to the X button and the Left Trigger button on the left side next to the A button. As for the right side I want the Right button on the right of the Y button and the Right trigger on the right side of the B button. The original X,Y, and A,B buttons in the middle. Trying to have the option of having the LB as low punch, X button Medium Punch and Y button Hard punch or pushed over to where X starts as low and RB end up being hard punch for Game options menu.

I’ve been looking over the forum for answers etc. My ideal controlpad to hack is the Madcatz ARCADE Style JOYSTICK or the Madcatz controlpad. I seen one that has turbo functions like the fightpad which I own but don’t plan to hack. Has anyone hacked a Madcatz turbo pad with there Xbox 360 joystick MOD here? As for the regular controlpad what would be the best way to get the trigger buttons to function like the other push buttons? What will I need for this mod to work? I have some knowledge with PCs and know how to solder. Can someone help make it simple with a list and links to help me out? This way my project will not be a waste of money. Thanks


Xbox 360 Joystick
Control Panel = Pelican Real Arcade Stick that was made for the PS2

Joystick = Ultimarc UltraStik 360

Push buttons = Happ/IL Translucent Pushbutton with Horizontal Microswitch.

You have two options to get an 8 button pad hack:


Or to mod the MC Fightpad: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=196633
This is for adding it to a PS3 TE but the first half mod is still relevant

xbox just died and i need a cthulhu(for my ps3) i have a hori ex2 pcb set for eight button no turbo but i also have the madcats SE full wiring harness w/turbo $40 either one or of you find a cthulhu for what ever price (cheaper to save you money) ill do a straight up trade if interested my gaming days are at a hault because i never really played my ps3 (no joystick) so i am just trying to get back up and running. Can a brother get some help? oh yeah have cases and the standards buttons and joysticks ill thrown in

I thought you now know that you cannot Sell or Trade yet.
You replied back to my answer to your question in Trading Outlet.

Thank you so much! Im going with the figtpad choice. :slight_smile: I just purchased one to use for mod.