I need a logo made for my tournament (Impact Clash) if anyone is up for the challenge

I really need a logo made for my tournament Impact Clash. It will be a yearly tournament event held in Atlanta, GA. The first annual one is June 28th this is the thread: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=153665

If needed monetary compensation through Paypal will also be given to the member who can create this for me. I don’t have too much money to pay but it sure beats only getting rep +.

I’ll take a shot at it.


Ok… here it is:


Simple text type logo. I’m almost 100% sure that everything is aligned correctly, the right side looks weird though lol. The resolution is at 1000 x something… I can downsize it as you like, change text as you like, change colors as you like… remove/add anything as you like… and even make a smaller version of just “Impact Clash” so you can put it on forums/website.

If you don’t want it at all… at least I tried ! lol

Both of them are great. For the first one, I’d like to use that one for my website logo. The second, I’d like to use as the DVD art cover (I’m making a DVD with all the game footage from the tournament). That would be perfect for the front cover as it has all the games I’m offering and everything there is to know… Thanks to both of you guys’ effort. If anyone else wants to post anymore feel free to as well.

Also, Canto, let me see the smaller version you can make of just Impact Clash. That way I could have other uses for the logo you’ve made for me as well.

Okay, I’ll make the smaller version… and I can make a DVD cover version… I’ll set it up as 300 DPI so it’s ready to print. When its done I’ll send it to you via e-mail because photobucket constricts the size.

Is there Virtua Fighter 5 in the tournament ?

Yeah, there is. We are taking out Ultimate Mortal Kombat III however.

Okay, I’ll do that DVD cover right now…

Heres the web image… it’s 500x350. If you need any changes I’ll change it as you like. It is PNG-24 type. It is transparent. The whitness around it is caused by an effect I used, it looks shiny so I kept it. If you want it removed let me know.



Also, here is the re-worked big version, I left out VF5:


I made the DVD cover.

Send me your e-mail through PM so I can send it.

PM Sent. Thank you guys for you help.

i may be late, but everything is better with vectors.

3000x3000pixel at 300dpi available.


Also, would anyone bother making a promotional flyer for this event as well. I want to place them throughout the Atlanta area to promote my tournament. I’d like for it to have all the games in the venue and a little info on the event that’s eye catchy but doesn’t have to much writing on it. Also, all logos created I’ll find a use for them so if anyone else has anymore they’d like to submit feel free to do so. Also, Panda PM me that logo you created as well. All of these logos I’ll find use for.