I need a more sensitive stick for my HRAP3 SA

I’m noticing that I’m having troubles dashing or inputting controls quickly with my HRAP3 SA. Two things bother me about my stick. It feels like there is a dead zone around where the stick just won’t input a command. It also feels like the spring is loose, the stick when i let go of it tends to wobble instead of having a tight spring feel. But basically my biggest issue is i have to push the stick rather far just to get a response.

I was hoping some of you pros could help me find a replacement stick that will suit my needs. I don’t know what might be compatible nor do I know what stick would be tight and responsive to me.

Something that might help is that the stock stick that the HRAP3 SA comes with is the JLF-TP8Y-SK

Maybe re-mount the JLF to create a shorter throw? I think that could help solve your problem. *Added, you might like an optical as they’re super sensitive… if you know anyone who has one try it. You might like it.

A Seimitsu LS-32 spring mod will help increase the tension of the stick.

@MSK: Thanks for the help. Remounting it? I’m not sure how to do that but if i tinker with it a bit i might be able to figure it out.

Optical? Do you mean an optical microswitch? As for the spring mod, do I just buy an LS 32 spring and put it on my Sanwa?

All you’re describing sounds like natural wear. I personally wouldn’t keep on replacing the parts and just adapt to it.

Naw, my stick has always been like this. I’m really considering just buying a more sensitive stick. I’m messing with the thing now but it seems that the screws are REALLY on tight and I’m stripping the freakin screws! I don’t know how i’m supposed to replace the stick If i can’t remove the damn thing.

Yeah, you can replace the spring with the LS-32 spring, I’m pretty sure I’ve read, you can keep both springs for additional tension.

And yes, an optical microswitch. Toodles sells them on his website.

Toodles spark is pretty damn sensetive…

if you want the switches to engage quicker you can do the ultimate JLF mod (assuming you have a Sanwa JLF):

if you want a tighter spring add an LS-33 spring to the JLF spring (LS-33 spring fits inside the JLF spring). if you want it even tighter, replace the whole spring with an LS-55.

you might want to consider using an LS-56-01 and be sure to get an MS plate.

Also might want to try a LS-58-01 from focusattack.com

I almost stopped using any JLF sticks altogether until ordering Toodles round restrictor gate product ( Godlikecontrols.com ) . Holy whoa…!! That thing is freaking AMAZING!!! I am waaaaayyyy impressed at what it did for the JLF!! Which is really great because those things are easy to find.

I also think that the LS-55 Spring is excellent in a JLF.

Hmmm…for some ideas…If you want a super sensitive non- HAPP STYLE arcade stick…

A Seimitsu LS-40 has a ridiculously short throw that I really really like.

A Seimitsu LS-32 has a medium throw that also really shines with a circular gate.

While using an LS-40 or an LS-32 I prefer a JLW spring for appropriate tension.

My only gripe with the LS-40 is that there is no true stock circular gate. So a bit of plastic shaving is required on the white plastic mounting piece to make real use of the included Yellow gate.

Oddly enough there is a really inexpensive Zippy brand arcade stick sold for about 10.00 from ParadiseArcadeShop.com that has levered microswitches, will take a LS-32 round gate, a JLW spring, and the throw is actually almost as short as the LS-40! It’s about the same overall size as a LS-32 even. Pretty schweet for a ten spot.

The new Seimitsu LS-58 has some super cool looks and is supposed to be a medium throw style of stick but I have not ordered any yet so can’t say from experience on that one.

So anyway I also recommend checking out Slagcoin.com. That is a wicked good source of information!

Plus it’s pretty fun to just try out different arcade parts from time to time and just sort of see what best suits your style of play.

Have fun man!