I need a new cord for my TE stick, and I have no idea where to start


Hello, a few months ago my dog ended up chewing through some of the wires on my Madcatz MVC TE stick. I’ve just been putting it off until now. I was hoping someone on here could possibly lead me in the right direction of what to do next. I’ll have pictures below to show what I mean. The cord I am talking about is the one directly in back of the TE stick that connects to the 360, or to be maybe a little more clear, it connects to the usb adaptor (I’m not sure if that’s the right word) that plugs into the 360. Does anyone know if this can be replaced? Or where I could purchase it. And if those are possible, how would I actually install it? Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks!


I picked up a pcb for the te for $35 shipped, that would be the best way togo. Or you could buy a fightpad and hack it they are pretty easy to do


Or he can just buy a regular $2 usb cable and solder or crimp 4 wires.


Where did you get the T.E. PCB? Are there more or was it just an ebay deal?


You don’t need a replacement PCB, you can just replace the USB cable.


Agreed, just buy a 4 or 5 buck USB cable found anywhere.

Alternatively you could install a Neutrik USB Feed-Through inside the cable storage area and have a swappable USB cord, you still need to get a USB cord if you take the feed-though route.


I did this with a normal Xbox 360 wired controller and it worked great, it will work just fine on a fightstick