I need a new stick. Money is no object. Form irrelevant. Function all-important

Any suggestions? Japanese? Korean? From the Good Ol’ US of A? Analog or digital?

Additionally, it’s going to have to be custom to some degree. I need it to be able to connect to my Supergrafx, TuboDuo, PS2, DreamCast, and PC at least. More connections would be nice depending on what’s feasible. Main comp use is for Jojo (PS1 and Dreamcast versions - at least until I track down a CPS-3 version).

I’ve never bought a high-end stick before (except for my X-Arcade - lulz), so I’m not even sure what’s out there. Open my eyes, SRK. Guide me and my massive bank account.

And no, I can’t build one myself. I just hope what I need to be done can be done by some one capable and respected.

You should start here - http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=131127

Thanks. Is a “multi-system” stick even doable? I mean, I’ve never seen one myself, and I really would hate to have to have several built…

Supergrafx and Turbo Duo use the same controller ports, don’t they? Ya show off. :slight_smile:

Yes, they are doable. One common method of accomplishing this is to install a Playstation One PCb inside the stick and then use converters to connect the stick to newer systems. But you can put PCBs (controller innards) from multiple systems, including the Duo, etc. as long as all those controllers use a common ground electrical setup.

The way your stick builder will likely accomplish your request, though, will be with project boxes. You simply wire the stick and buttons to a connector, and then make a project box for each kind of controller, that will plug into the stick’s connector.

The PS2 and Dreamcast can be done easily. There are adaptors that will allow the PS2 and Dreamcast to connect to the PC. I don’t know about the Supergrafx or TuboDuo. Keep in mind that a controller would have to be sacrificed for the console systems.


Yeah it exists. You have a few options.


You can use converters;





With these converters you can turn a PS/PS2 stick into a USB/Xbox/Dreamcast/Gamcube stick.

Wrong forum dude. You should just contact a custom stick builder. If you just get a playstation stick, then you can use converters to connect it to basically every system except the Xbox 360.

I don’t think they made Playstation converters for the older systems, did they?

I’m looking into contacting a stick builder. How’s Axis? They’re in my general area, so that’s nice.

If this is in the wrong forum, my apologies.

Axis is one of the best. Can’t go wrong.

Hmmmmm. Seeing as how they have an account here, maybe I shouldn’t have put “money is no object” in the tread title…

All this can be found out with a little searching.