I need a reason to continue playing Abel

I’ve had enough of requiring a precisely timed combo to do what other characters can do with one hp and a special move, needing to do a FADC in the exact frame or else the c.hp won’t hit while Rufus can Ultra after a light kick. I don’t know what to do. I use the dash kick, I tornado throw when possible, but sometimes I press the button at exactly the wrong time to get a falling sky instead, and oops, there goes 200 of my health. The minuscule range of his tornado throw makes it difficult to punish anything, and it’s difficult for him to escape from a bunch of light punches. His anti-air is limited to, again, a very well-timed c.mk, not some devastating special move. And it’s really not fun when so many of his moves can be countered by a trip.

I don’t know how to improve. Because right now, he feels like a high-risk mediocre-reward to me, and I know that’s not what he’s limited to. I’ve read the topics, but most of the specific matchups are missing, especially Balrog and Bison, and he’s not a character whose fighting just comes naturally.

I’m talking about ME, because I’m not a perfect player, I’m not saying “Abel sux and this game is way unbalanced.” Just before someone decides to post something useless like that.

Hey atleast you’re not playing a high risk-low reward character like Fei Long…Abel has pretty damn good tools in his arsenal and his ultra is devastating.

lol @ you…how long have you been playing Abel?

I’ve been using him a week, and if you’re having the same issues that I’m dealing with right now, Abel is not for you. I’m lovin Abel, he, like Guile (my main) have to earn their fights.

lol @ you some more…wouldn’t this be a YOU problem? Sounds like a spamming shoto player the way you describe the above.

lol @ you again…I’ll admit, I’m still dealing with spamming some moves, or rather, blind spamming - which would explain getting tripped out of a lot of shit.

seriously…LOL!!! READ THE STICKIES!!! Because I get caught in certain shit by certain characters, I read the matchup thread. Seriously, people in the community have done the hard work of getting their asses kicked by “X” character, read and learn and apply. Again, I’m a week into Abel but the info in the stickies is more than enough.

There’s plenty of info about Balrog and Bison…in the stickies!!!

…lol @ you some more just for fun.

Anywho, don’t really care if you stick with Abel or not. Go to a shoto for shortcuts, go to Guile or Abel to work for the W.

I give up. This is the worse community I’ve ever had anything to do with. Nobody helps anybody, why don’t we just make the entire forum stickies, and then if anyone posts anything else, we proceed to type as much as possible without answering anything, and then proceed to call each other scrubs all day? That’s basically all we’ve ever done.

Wait, what?

p/s- Just because someone decided to be an asshole towards you, you’re gonna blame the whole community? Personally i think making a special thread to cry and ask others for reason to continue playing a character is kinda pathetic. If you’re not having fun with him, quit, simple as that. Most of the stuff you need to know (matchups, combos, etc) are already stickied, its all up to you to become good with him or not.

Quit Abel. If you need someone else to give you any reason to play a character then you need to stop playing that character because I’m going to go out on a limb and say you aren’t having fun.

This is the kind of attitude I’ve dealt with from fighting game forum users as long as I’ve looked at them. I’ve had enough of it. Fighting is not the only genre I play, yet the expectation on this forum has always seemed to be that you dedicate your entire life to fighting games, and reading through these forums, absolutely everything is apparently in stickies and there is no point to making threads ever, yet that is not the case.

Maybe because everything you need to know is in the stickied thread? And if you need to ask something ask it there. You do know the purpose of stickied threads right? Sure they’re in need of some cleaning up at the moment but if you use the search function properly, you’ll get what you need.

Nothing really wrong with creating a new thread, but some people just cant stand people who think a new thread of crying and asking others why should they continue playing a certain character. Its just lame and pathetic.

Just curious, what dya expect when you thought of creating this thread? People begging you to stay? Giving you hugs? Your first post clearly spells “not enough effort” and lack of knowledge. You’re mainly complaining and on the verge of giving up and somehow accused that this forum dont have what you’re looking for.

Try reading what you posted again. FADC is pretty easy but YOU NEED PRACTICE to get good at it. Abel can hit his ultra from an anti air cr.hp(which also can lead to alot of other stuff), thus making abel’s anti air a “really devastating normal move”… As for the tornado throw, its a throw, what dya expect the range to be? A lot of people fear abel’s command throw, you just dont know how to use it properly.

To improve, learn/read more stuff, watch videos of good abels to see how they handle things, practice your execution more, just put more efforts in the proper areas. And just my opinion, Abel is a high risk high reward character, he has a few retarded matchups nonetheless (gief, gouki)

Anyway I’m done with this thread. If you’re gonna quit, quit. Find a character that suits you better.

if you need a reason to use abel find a new character :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the truth. You shouldn’t force yourself to play as somebody. I used to main other people, and then I got bored. So I picked up Abel. When I get sick of him, then it will be time to pick somebody else up. Remember, you’re supposed to be having fun!

I personally picked Abel because he seems like he takes a lot of work, thus creating a challenge. If you just want the easy win without the extra work, go with somebody else.

lol i wonder why did i bother replying that long

short replies ftw :rofl:

Ya know, about a month or 2 ago I thought this same thing…"I need a reason to continue playing abel"
I put in the time and practiced alot, I just wasnt getting my desired results. So i started messing with other characters and found that i have alot of fun playing akuma. I still play abel as well, but since hes not the only character that i “main” now, i dont think this way anymore.

Long story short, you asked for it posting a stupid thread like this. And although there are a ton of assholes in these forums, blaming the whole community and saying nobody helps is fucking retarded. There are alot of people who really go out of there way to help players here, look at Busta, the guy made a blog and tons of videos just to help people out.

“Just curious, what dya expect when you thought of creating this thread? People begging you to stay? Giving you hugs?”
^ This


Emo posts are srsbsns, amirite?

My sentiments exactly.

Chances are Foz are you were playing with a Shoto like everyone else and from my experience Abel is a drastic change. However, after taking the time to get to grips with him and practice, I play with him far better than I ever did any other character. I think he is fun to use. Ain’t really much wrong with him IMO

Cuz the other characters are boring.

warning my english suck , i’m french

Abel does not have many easy combo* option . Also online doing the bad ass Abel mix-up can be a pain in the ass.You’re probably anxious during a match and scared to miss a FADC occassion.Than you end up missing it.So after this you pick up the easy mode shoto . Shoto are less stressfull.Because of their zoning game(fireball) ,.

I know because it’s can get very frustrating during online match to miss a fadc occasion when you can spam it in training mode or arcade mode or vs friend with no latency.Hell even in the arcade . Because(online) you play like you have something to prove.Than you end up playing so bad . You finnaly give up and think you’re never going to improve.I am wrong?

Personnaly ive watched a hundred Abel replay on window live and out of 50 replay match(g2 and g1) . Most abel can’t do a frigging fadc . They end up spamming poke and command throw . Or the easy cross-up mp into CoD (The first link you learn with abel) .

And i noticed also when i try too much to do a fadc during a match i end up screwing up.You have difficuties because you think about it.When you spam it in training mode do you think about it?Probably not . You don’t care about missing it … because that won’t make you lose a match.

Try the same during a match . Try to do your stuff without thinking much about it.There’s a lot of theory etc . But if you try too much to do everything correctly during a match.You end up screwing up because you think about it.The scrubs and the n00b are not the people losing.It’s the people that don’t try to improve.Even if it’s mean losing.

Even if you lose vs a scrubs that spam shoryuen . At least you tryed to do your stuff correctly and you missed.At some point it’s going to be natural …

geez i have so much stuff to say!!! But my english’s so bad.

There’s a tons of elitist prick here . That probably still spam blanka electricity during their match.Ignore them!

But eh they win
If you don’t lose you never learn.So what’s the must rewarding?Winning with a shoto spamming shoryken . Or winning with Abel with a cool ass mix up combo?

You need to like the character for the tools they have and what they can do.
That’s it.

Because Abel is at the top of the character discussion forum and so you do not need to scroll far to get here.

And if you’re 1P you don’t even need to move the marker. YES! That’s the reason why I picked Abel actually. But if I’m 2P then I’ll pick Ryu. I don’t believe in moving the markers, it goes against all my morals and beliefs.

i play online with my computer monitor so i have to switch modes to go between my pc and xbox and basically this is the best reason to play abel.

i can just spam A when someone joins the game without worrying about switching if im looking at something on the internet.

i guess getting another monitor would solve this dilemma but hey its a good reason to keep playing abel :rofl: