I need a room for evo


I am here already and I can help financially a bit. If you have space available and not 50 people in the room please call me A.S.A.P. 8572507332


Not 50 people in the room? Awfully picky for someone that didn’t plan shit.



You went to Vegas without reserving a room? What are you retarded?


This is all true but I will say that shit happens. People die and rooms get cancelled.


Do you put out?


ur in vegas u dont need to sleep

step 1: find cocaine
step 2: roll up a dollar bill
step 3: use razor blade to line up coke in nice tight lines
step 4: snort it

repeat steps 1-4 every time you feel tired


This isn’t the turn-out I expected. What happened to, “we’re all fat nerds at Evo :)” brotherhood?


i bought tons of free drinks for my brothers at evo, so i’d say its a good brotherhood


You’re not even fat ;(. You don’t get it.


this is TERRIBLE advice! why would anyone in their right mind snort a razor blade???


If that covers the entire tournament then this is the best deal you are going to find.


And when shit happens you handle it like an adult. Or not, apparently.



Did this man seriously just give his number out?


The way to properly use SRK is to make friends first and then hit’em up in an hour of need. Although what you should be doing is hitting up the dudes already there.


holy fuck i just realized dude listed his #

dawg you need to exercise a little common sense ok




Oh Las Vegas Craigslist, what fun we will have tonight.


So from here on out, it’s just a matter of HOW real shit gets for mans. Shoulda thought twice about postin your number on a public forum.




Hey, bring a couple of hookers up to my room and I may let you in.