I need a room to stay 4 the evo events from 28th-31th 2nd time going to this evo!

Sup ya,i wanna go to this event and it would be kool if sumone is needing a roomate that i dont mind be roommate with.i paid whatever cost would be I’m also in the military and any military persons also going would be a plus to be roomate with but overall i jus need a room to stay.if interesting holla @ me or text me 9546819065.im kool relaxing person who jus wanna have fun in this events.thnx.peace out.

Sup Maxwell, I’m in the military as well w/ the USMC E6. I have a friend that’s in a similiar situation as you are. He is looking for a room mate to help pitch in for a hotel to stay over the wkend for the event. It may be possible that you and my friend can work something out. For more details hit me up 562 355 9714.

sup man yea that would be str8 im usmc e5 btw lol but i holla at u when when i get a chance named matt btw

Hey everyone I need a place to crash just for THURSDAY NIGHT. I already got a crew to stay with for the weekend but they all land friday morning. I had to switch flights due to 8 am pools :frowning: cost me extra $200. I land in vegas thursday at midnight so ill just need a place to stay for a few hours till the early pools open up. Chipping in is absolutely no problem. I just gotta be there for my first fight! I’m a super cool dude who’s a good MK9 player. Anyone??? :wonder: