I Need A Roomate!

Not sure if this should be here or in the atlantic north forum so mods feel free to delete either one.

I never been to evo before cuz i’ve always been too busy but this year i have the time n money to spare and i think i have a shot at making top 8 in ST (me n afrolegends trade on AE xbl so i can’t say he’s better then me)problem is i dunno anyone personally whos going to evo plus i’m 19 so i can’t reserve a room at the hotel so anyone that can help me out i’d appreciate it and i’m willing to pay my end of things.

atl north is a no brainer. bye.

i’m 99% sure that I’m leaving out of NY if I go. I haven’t reserved a room, but I can call up this week. It’s still possible, however, that I’ll be staying with Valaris. I’ll let you know asap.

EDIT: lOoks like I’m going to be staying with Valaris.

get in touch with Mizuki… last i checked, it’s mizuki + jay jay in one room… there’s room for three people in every room.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! This is too funny. AE does not equal ST.

It’s great that you can trade with my cammy on XBL, good job. I would be more than happy to play you for whatever amount money you wanna wager for at evo.

almost as funny as the time I raped you in alpha3 money match even though I never play that game :rofl:

OZ wont make it top 8 or even close but he will tear you a new one in ST or AE anyday. I will sidebet $100 on zoonlander vs you . forget evo…play him next week at w2z tourny. DO IT !!!

Roffle, XBL matches.

^^lol yeah i get it

just in case valaris don’t got a spot is there anyone yall can refer me too who does have room?

Um, our room is the designated girls room at EVO and its gonna smell of flowers, tropical fruits, and other gay frilly girl shit…so …he’s not invited…because he doesn’t have boobs or a vagina.:wgrin:

LMFAO @ Jay. you’re awesome.

i am going :wgrin:

So can I come by? We can give each other pedicures and have pillow fights :wink:

Umm… i’m from NY and going to EVO, but i’m leaving out of Baltimore and staying with other people already… so I dont imagine that was helpful!

Ok for those who saw this thread and PM’ed me. Don’t count on it. I have People on hold -_- and even then my credit card just fucked up so I don’t think I even have a reservation at this point.

Naaaa, you can hang out and play melty blood and tekken 5 DR :slight_smile:

Thx anyway valaris so anyone else got room?

You better enter the tournament.


Melty Blood? I’m gonna try it out, I don’t have it at home so i only play at FFA and Arlieth hasn’t fixed the cab yet :frowning:

You better enter the tournament too. :lovin:

How do i pimp this thread to the masses better?