I Need A Roomate!

change the title to “I NEED A ROOMATE!”

yeah it don’t matter if who i go to evo with id from ny or not asl ong as i get there n compete.

Bitch I’m getting first.


HELL NO I’M GETTING SECOND. Oh wait, that works too.

im gonna have a room if your interested

-edit- actually let me check suttin…

I’ll be your roomate…and also bring two-three others to help you save money and split the bill…does that work?

Yeah but it’s $35dollars a night for each additonal person anyways get in touch with the epidemic n we’ll figure it out

really im just interest on how many ppl will they allow in one room…is it 3 or 4?

How many will they allow? Well since I been to these things you determine that bud…seriously though…I’ve people on the floor…the bathroom all those places sleeping etc.

hmm…ok. So there isnt any extra fee’s? you solved wanna my problems then.

I got a room for Evo in VEGAS for $40 a day. let me know if you are interested. however many people is fine we still have lots of room.

I booked 23,24,25,26

so if you want all or some of those days let me know. the 23rd is a good day for some extra practice :stuck_out_tongue:

karlkablisk@ gmail.com