I need a Sakura Tutor

Is there anyone whose willing to help me gain the needed knowledge to win with Sakura? Like I can read it, but if my 360 isn’t right beside me I can’t seem to execute the knowledge that I have just went over with SRK forums’ combos and such. So anyone out there willing to add my gamertag and help me learn this beast of character?

i would but i am seriously the worst teacher, not because i suck with her, but because i just suck and teaching people anything lol. but if u dont get anyone else hit me up. my tag is Pwr Level 9000

i would help ya…but the connection will suck…so…sorry…gl

but look here:

YouTube - amigdala85’s Channel

this should help u a alittle

Those videos are very helpful indeed they are. That mixup game with Sakura is what I’m missing and the execution he has is definitely something I’m lacking. It’s cool though I’ll figure everything out soon enough. Keep watching and reading as much material as I can, then watch how my game step up with Sakura.

When I get back on XBL I can help you. I would suggest watching gameplay vids of Uryo or SRK’s Skatan Milla. I’m nowhere near as good as them, however.

Watch skatan. He’s seriously fucking good. Then go to the SRK Team Sakura lobby. You will learn things almost immediately when dogy, denice, or goomba are playing.

Lobby Thread:

Yo dude I will be more than glad to help you with sakura, I’ll send you a friend request. GT: Coosco

If anyone’s tutoring on PSN sign me up.

Dude, can you help me out too? I’m on XBL too. Thanks!