I need a serious professional Modder for ps2 pad -will pay immediately


This has been incredibly hard to find and I have yet to do so.

I’ve tried contacting GUMMO and has not returned twitter/Facebook/email so I guess he can’t or isn’t doing mods anymore.

@Rubberduckie was awesome linking me to here because he cannot mod ps2 pads, appreciate the link.

Here’s what I’m looking for

Ps2 pad
Left trigger (L2) being modded to become a DUPLICATE of the UP d pad button
So when I press L2 on a 2d fighter he neutral jumps, and when I press UP on a dpad he neutral jumps
Duplicate, not replacement

Does anyone have the capability to make this happen? I’m looking to get about 5 ps2 pads modded this way.

Thank you, the best and immediate way to contact me w a price quote and to talk further if needed is hit me up on twitter at @‌bambamguitar


Sorry for not responding back to you. I’ve been very busy with work and a 3ds mod project.

So do you want L2 to only register as up or to register as pressing up and l2? With dpad up still functioning normally.

These are Sony dual shock 2 pads correct?


@"pig of the hut"‌


Thx for responding !!!

The pads are ps2 dualshock 2

I want L2 to only register as UP as well as keeping the UP button on my dpad in working condition

So basically when I press UP it works as usual and when I press L2 it also performs the exact same action as just pressing UP


Okay I think I could easily do that. Let me test it out on my own pad so I can tell you if I can do it or not.




Okay it’s as simple as I thought. I can do it for $10 per pad plus shipping.



Man this is incredible news

So should we continue this in PM, private dm twitter or what? I’d like to get this going ASAP.


Continue in pm


Confirmed, “Up” is the new “Win button”.



I order last week two new ps2 pads, when they arrive today/ tomorrow I’ll PM you to get the ball rolling on this instantly


Just curious, why do you want to do this? easier instant air CQB\QCFs?


It probably would have been easier / cheaper to order the pads and have them shipped directly to Gummo.


actually it be easier to let gummo select the PS2 pads than selecting pads to ship to him


I’m also curious as to the correct application of this.


Not really. That’s more work for me. Plus I’m sure he wants to test the pads out so that they meet his approval in quality.


not to derail the thread but it would be cool to put a cardinal direction on each if the shoulder buttons and maybe turn the directions in to some attack buttons and get a hitbox game pad thing goen.


I had issues in the past where people sent me parts for a dual mod and the boards are not common ground or send me parts that are just not compatible with what they wanted.

In the long run I found it’s easier if I did the leg work and not the client


In injustice ZOD Instant Air ZOD Balls have a tight window in between up and the db1B command so many have resorted to hit box for them. I’m lethal on a pad and wanted to bring the IAZB game to my pad rather than fully commit to a completely new controller.

Separating the up button from the d pad or duplicating it and having it as a trigger button allows me to trigger IAZB much quicker in footsie range and it’s legal tournament wise because it isn’t a macro


He still loses to BatGirl