I need a silent fightstick...what can i do?


I currently have a little problem. I am addicted to street fighter, so i have late night gaming sessions on my madcatz TE fightstick. The only time i can actually play is late at night also due to work during the day, and social functions at night.

The problem is, I live with my girlfriend and the fightstick im sure many of you know makes tons of click clackity noise. She gets pissed off that its so loud because it interferes with her sleep.

Im curious if there is maybe a mod i can do to the buttons and stick, maybe to make them silent or less loud. If not, is there maybe a fightstick that is more quiet?

Ive never tried any fightstick other than madcatz, but maybe if anyone out there has a hori or whatever else exists can let me know!

thanks for replies.


Sanwa are currently developing quiet buttons for people in your situation. I don’t think they’ve been released yet though.



wow thats exactly what i was looking for! thanks so much. Ive never modded or even taken apart a fightstick. Are these buttons universal and can i put them into my madcatz te stick without…too much hassle?


You can open the buttons and dampen the sound with a piece of cloth ( a very thin one) you can still hear it well but the higher pitch part of it will go away. It will lower the sound by rough 7-6db


What you’re looking for is an optical joystick that doesn’t use microswitches.


So has anyone built one of these yet ? Are they available ?


Thanks for the Necro.

Look up Paradise Arcade shop, they offer kits to silence existing Sanwa buttons (special foam washers that goes inside each button) and offers a kit for the Sanwa JLF.
if you are mod savy you can also use the same reed switches to silence a Seimitsu stick as well.
Focus Attack sells the official silenced JLF (which does cost more than PAS’ alternative)

And what is already mentioned optical PCBs for the JLF, the toodles Spark and the Rollie Flash 1.


There’s another silent fightstick option out there for Seimitsu fans… There is some love for the Seimitsu LS-32 type after all!

For the LS-32 “silent mod” – although I think it makes more sense to buy the Short Shaft Zippyy to save a bit of cash --, you can go ahead and buy the mod kit for the Zippyy/LS-32 joysticks.
The LS-32 model in this case would be the one with tabs, not the PCB-versions (LS-32-01 with the SS Mounting Plate or LS-32-02 with the flat mounting plate). PCB-less LS-32’s ship with Flat Mounting Plates. The Zippyy’s, likewise.

The only advantages in buying an LS-32-01 are that you get the right mounting plate for over 90% of the joystick cases on the market and a PCB that can be kept as a spare (after removal) when your first LS-32-01 needs a change in its microswitches… It’s still significantly cheaper to buy a Zippyy ($8.50), get the mod kit for silent Zippyy ($3.00), and a Seimitsu LS-32/LS-40 SS Mounting Plate ($4.95). The Zippyy is basically an LS-32 clone and is compatible with LS-32 parts. I checked and the harness adapter for the silent JLF kit that Paradise Arcade Shop sells as well as the upcoming Crown CW303-FK joystick’s harness adapter should work with the silent Zippyy microswitches, too. The silent joystick microswitches and the Crown joystick use the same size tabs… 0.187…

Even if you buy the adapter from Paradise which is a bit pricier ($6.95), the cost of the entire silent LS-32 “silent clone” is about the same as the regular LS-32-01 microswitch version. That’s less than half the price of even Paradise’s silent JLF.

I’ve had concerns about the Zippyy microswitches myself but you all have to remember the LS-32 and JLF are not built the same… very different design philosophies, ranges of movement, and spring tensions. There may be a very good rationale for why the Zippyy activation force is a lot less than the Omron’s used for the silent JLF.

I know this hardware is definitely on my list for things to buy and try.
If the Zippyy works out well for me, I will probably get at least two and shorten my LS-32-01 buys by that amount.
I have plans to mix the the kinds of LS joysticks I install along 3 models in my stick cases – LS-32/short shaft Zippyy, LS-40, and LS-56/-58.

Oh, and before I forget to mention this…

I’ll toss out the fact that there are also JLF clones out there. I don’t know how close they are to JLF spec and how compatible with Sanwa parts they are – I guess someone can ask Bryan/armi0024 or his wife Susan from Paradise Shop – but these are also significantly less expensive than the official Sanwa product.

Just throwing out a suggestion on how to economize a bit… You’d still have to buy the other parts for the JLF silent kit.