I need a simple movie clip AV

I want an AV with a clip from the Adam Sandler movie “Anger Managment.”

In the scene when Sandler asks the girl at the bar out, he turns and looks at Jack Nicholson who is grinning wickedly and nodding in slow motion.

I want the AV to loop that part, where Jack is nodding. Preferably so it appears that he never stops nodding. No writing, no flash or shimmer, just that scene. I would like the AV to be non-prem, but if if it has to be, premium is ok. I’d pay for prem for this AV if done right:wgrin:

Something like this (but to the specifications I’ve outlined):


id do it but i dont have the dvd

dang… and I heard that you were just the person to see about this kind of AV…

Oh well, anyone else?