I need a small upgrad for my AV, can you help me?


Well, I’ve been trying to get in touch with the original creator for my AV for a while and I can see that it aint happening. So if any of you are capable I wanted to know if you could make a small upgrade to my AV. You see those blue lights behind the phrase “more than a man, less than a god”? I would like them to shimmer northern lights style. I’m not asking you to change the color. I want them to look similar to the way the lights look during the intro to the TV show Futurama. I think that’s called landing lights or sky lights, something like that. Can you do it?






the thing is, that in order to do that we’d have to make a completely new av, just because we can’t make something move, unless we had teh original file. that’s an “outer glow” blending option, not something we can just add in or take out at will. the only thing i can think of is is some1 would put another text of the same thing over it, but it might look like shit


Are you capable of completing this astonishing feet?



I need that outer glow!!!