I need a stick mod at EVO. m cthulu -> SE stick ps3 only


I know this is an incredible long shot, but i really messed up my te stick trying to mod it today. if anyone is gonna be in vegas tomorrow and willing to do the install on my SE for me, I will be more than willing to compensate you. please let me know guys


I’m sure you can find someone to do it


why not just buy a converter?


Because 360-ps3 converters are absolutely attrocious.


not even a reason to waste time on a question like that. converters are just as trash as your sf4 skills.



do you have a ps3 or a 360 stick


drop me a pm if you still need this done.

i have 1 extra imp and ps3 only cthulhu on me and will be checking in to the rio around 4pm.


Trust Akuma001. He helped fix my TE when I modded mine.

Akuma001, you were right about checking the D+ D- lines. Mine is all fixed now and good to go!


Damn, I regret not seeing this earlier. I mod sticks and can work with a Cthulu and SE stick. (I live in the same city as you, remember.) If I had only seen this thread earlier yesterday, I could’ve gotten it done in a few hours. I don’t know how many people bring their toolbox to EVO though. o.o


well i already have a cthulu and imp on me. i tried to mod my stick and got the message: usb hub power overload" or something like that. so axelkelly is gonna fix it for me in a bit


If you still need help let me know. I’m a vegas native and am 15 minutes from the rio