I need a survey of the racial makeup of the community

I don’t know if anyone has ever done this type of survey in the fighting game community, but I want to know what the percentages are.

If you could post how many people in your area fall into each category, and only count people who attend tournaments regularly I would appreciate it.

I’m writing a paper about how competitive fighting games are better than other games because of the social interaction. It doesn’t have to be a super accurate survey but the more results the better.


That’s about what we are, so if you could do the same for wherever you’re from it would really help me out. Thanks.


Don’t know if that will help. You might have better luck posting this thread in FGD though, don’t know if a lot of people in GD even play competitive street fighter/attend tourneys.

Do we have to count the Brawl players?

No, I didn’t have brawl players in mind.