I need a teacher for this game

Hi. im not the best at mvc2. You might even say im not good at all. I’m looking for a teacher who could possibly teach me how to play and get good at it. If you would like to teach please message me. My gamertag is bigchips107.

I think the best way to learn this game is to experiment yourself and then ask questions. You can only do so much from reading info on SRK, actually trying to do the combo > reading about it and then trying to it but then again I’m a hands-on type of person, I learn better from doing it than reading about it. Go get on YouTube and just Google:
[]Sanford Kelly
]Justin Wong
[]IFC Yipes
[]Demon Hyo
Make sure you add “MvC2” by their name as well cause you might find recent videos of them playing SSF4 or other games. Just watch how they play, this isn’t an overnight type of game either takes tons of patience, execution and practice.

thanks alot

Practice wave dashing and triangle jumping.

It may not sound like much, but it’s a huge part of being good at Marvel. Also, if you play Sentinel, practice flying and unflying as quickly as you can. This is pivotal because people will see you flying and try to get a free super in on you because you can’t block.

Also, I’ve found that learning the Iron Man infinite seems to give you a better understanding of how juggling works, and will make you a better player.

Give up, dawg. This game sucks. Not worth it.

Fantastic advice.

Yeah I’m also in need of a trainer here as well. Is there a way I can get some one to help me learn the basics of Marvel vs Capcom 2 and maybe help me get a understanding of how to be a great player at this game. I prefer doing it through matches and giving me hints and tips as we play through. So just get my XBL Gamertag and get at me. Invite me and we’ll get some Marvel vs Capcom 2 matches in and help get me better.

Well I can teach you the mechanics but I do not know enough to teach you how to get good…

Stick to SSF4 and MvC3 when it comes out.

I can show you the bare BASICS of the game, but I’m a terrible teacher and give bad advice at least 100 percent of the time. Beware.

LoL…I could play with you guys and answer questions, show a few combos, etc. but I wouldnt go as far as to say ‘teaching you the game’ because I’ve been playing at middle to high level play since 2ooo, and I’m still learning it myself. But I’m pretty good though. Add me on XbL and if you guys see me I’ll play. Haven’t been playing much of anything else anyway, except trying to beat that damned Earth Defense Force 2o17…what a bitchedly hard ass game.

i can help u xboxlive gamertag war44444

yeah if you guys want to start a room and just do matches against me and ask questions i wouldn’t mind the combo practice… LOL

yeah i’m down to help just send me a message saying your from SRK xP get lots of people sending me friend request that i don’t know xP

send me an inv and i’ll help out. i can play most of the teams at a decent level.

learn smart stuff. forget just “tri jumping and wavedashing”. Learn tactics. I’ve played this game for so long and after all the years I wish I would have learned it the opposite way. I started with combos (for years) and slowly incorporated tactics. If you wanna win, do it the other way around. If you just wanna do tight combo’s then do what I did.

I wish that there was a decent strat guide that wasn’t overbearing on the learner (lookin at you Mix). I have friends that want to learn, but unless you have a teacher or spend a lot of time playing and on the net, then getting good can taking AWHILE. Good luck.