I need a teacher



For whatever reason I can’t seem to improve on my own. I’ve hit a wall where I can understand everything my opponent’s doing against me to win, but I can’t seem to beat it. I’m a C level Ibuki, I don’t have my vortex timings down, but even apart from that, my footsies are horrible and I can never predict what my opponents are going to do. I always get caught with something and get hit by something. I like to think I’m pretty analytic about stuff but I can’t seem to solve the issues I’m running into on my own.

So I’d really like an experience Ibuki player to fight against me with off-characters and even Ibuki and explain the things to me that I’m doing incorrectly.

I play on PSN and PC on steam under the name Maelthorn, so you could add me under either. If there are any complications in reaching me, just let me know through SRK and I’ll try to solve them.


Record some replays and post them in the critique thread. More people can help you that way.


Add me on PC: MingoDynasty
or preferably Steam: WongDynasty

Send me a message and I’ll play you.

But chances are, posting a video along with a self-critique might help more.


Well, I’ll definitely start recording my matches. I’ll just have to make sure all my Xsplit settings are good to go.

And I’ll add you as well, thank you very much. Any idea if PC has voice chat built in? That’d make things convenient.


It does, but I’d prefer Skype instead.


Oh good lord.

A troll face for you picture, really?


Really really. Haha.