I need a trainer

I’ve entered several tournaments on Galaxy4Gamers but have been the first to be eliminated the last few times I’ve entered. I think my problem is I don’t know character matchups as well as I should. But I don’t think that’s my only problem. I’m not really sure what the rest of the problem is, so is anyone out there up for giving me some constructive criticism and training? I already know a few people who I play with regularly, so what I really need is an instructor/trainer. If it would help, I can show some match replays over xbl. I’d like to get good enough to consistently do well in online tournaments. If possible, I’d like someone in the eastern timezone so as to minimize lag. Thanks in advance.

GT: DgtlSamurai KOF

You could just practice harder. Or you could pay Gootecks 100 bucks an hour to learn.


I practice for a few hours almost every day anyway. Is 1-3 hours a day, five days a week not enough? My problem is I’ve hit a wall and don’t know what I need to be practicing to improve.

Play matches ALOT. you can learn something from every match. Also watch your recordings of your matches. Plus you sound like you’re not having fun playing. I had this problem too. If you aren’t having fun then you are NEVER going to improve. You need to just have fun for a while. Try to find some real life players cause online usually isn’t that fun unless you have a really good friends list. But yeah you sound like you’re missing the most important part of the equation, FUN and LOVE FOR THE GAME.

I actually do have fun and I do play in person, I’m just not improving any more with my current knowledge. What I usually do is the combo trials that I know how to do, then practice everything I know how to do 25 repetitions each in training mode before doing some actual matches. I have one friend each that I play with in person and online. I’m just trying to find someone better than me who knows their stuff, so I can improve. I don’t know exactly what I need to work on. The best I can come up with at the moment is matchups. I seem to do pretty well as long as I’m only fighting random people online. As long as I play low to intermediate players, but I’m not satisfied with that. Ultimately I want to be a high level player (who doesn’t), but right now realistically, I want to do consistently well in tournaments. I already know all the basics like hit confirms, what’s safe and what’s not and some extremely limited knowledge of framedata. I don’t know anything past that. I think I could improve the most if I could find an actual instructor who could train me over xbl. Of the people I play with, one is roughly equal to me, the other is a better player, but not a great trainer.

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