I Need A Training Partner


What I mean by training partner, is that I want somebody to play against me and tell me what I’m doing wrong.

I’ve been playing on GGPO a lot recently because I need to start losing again (so I can get better), but I can’t figure out why I’m losing. It seems as if the other people can just destroy me effortlessly, and I don’t know why.

What I’m guessing is that if I can’t figure out why I’m losing, then the person who won should be able to know why he beat me.

I’m willing to play on GGPO or 2DF. I’ll play on the one that my potential helper wants to play on. The game I want to improve on is Super Turbo.

Thanks everybody.

If any mod feels that this is an unnecessary thread. You may close it.


You can also try to post videos and from there ppl on here may be willing to help you


Alright. I’ll play on 2DF more then and post some links.


Find me on GGPO if you play ST. :tup:


I will. Thanks.

Here’s a links of my videos on 2DF. Most of the time I get my ass kicked, but the games against Solothrasher are pretty even.


^You’ll need the roms to watch it. I’m the Claw player. And my GGPO/2DF name is the same as it is here.


you slide too much and arent really using much of anything else, let alone any special moves.


Ok. I’ve been using flip kicks as an anti air more often, but I’ll try cutting down on sliding. Thanks for the tip.


Same with me

my handle is m1x4h

you can ask me to play with you.


I could play later tonight if you want. You’ll kick my ass though, haha.


maybe… i’m m1x4h on there, not Mixah.


Alright. Post here or PM me if you want to play some Super Turbo. I’ll stay online long.

But just to tell you, I suck. If I recall correctly, you actually helped me with my Blanka game in HD Remix so I’ll try teaching you this time, haha. I doubt it will happen though, since you’re probably better then me.


I stopped playing HDR…

I’m in GGPO right now.


Cool I’ll get on in a little bit.

EDIT: I’m on, and says you’re AFK.