I need a travel stick..... Which fine artisan is up to the challenge?


I am based in the UK but I travel a lot with work. Now SF4 is on PC I won’t be utterly bored in my hotel room for hours on end. But taking my TE with me as hand luggage might be a bit much!

I need someone to craft me the thinnest custom stick imaginable based around a 360 PCB. It needs to fit in my laptop bag which is built for a 13.3" MacBook display. Sanwa parts necessary.

Wireless would be a nice extravagance but if it means it will be bulkier I am not too bothered. All it needs to be is sturdy and flat and as thin as possible.

Anyone who may be willing to take on the assignment for a reasonable price and who wants to discuss this further, please feel free to contact me via pm. And if you might know of anyone who is up to the task who I should be contacting then please drop their details here.

Many thanks

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I just wanna ask for the sake of curiosity. Are you planing to install the joystick by yourself upon your arrival at the hotel? Considering, the joystick itself will not even fit in the laptop case.

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I carry my laptop in a durable cloth satchel which has several compartments and is certainly deep enough to accommodate another item the depth of your average text book. Thanks for your concern though, sselemit.

this is an awesome idea

You could always look into picking up and modding a Namco stick.

12x8 inches Width/Length
1.75 inches at it’s tallest point
3.75 inches with the stick/balltop.

I don’t think it gets any smaller for stick that can have Sanwa parts in it, bub.

You have height in one of those compartments for the joystick?

And yeah as Kazujiro said, it’d be a matter of getting an old Namco stick and changing out the hardware. There is no one making custom boxes that small as it’d require it be fabricated from real thin plastic. Although I suppose it could work with plexiglass.

Thanks for the suggestion! My friend has a Namco stick laying around. I shall see if he is willing to sell.

Addendum to original post:

Has anyone anywhere ever heard of a removable joystick modification? I am thinking of a modification to the shaft so that it actually unscrews off to save storage space and then reattaches. Kind of like how you would attach a silencer to the barrel of a pistol. Would such a thing even be possible?

If you can’t get a namco, you could always sanwa mod a hori ex2… but thats a bitch to do :smiley:

I own an EX2, that thing’s pretty chunky compared to the Namco. Definitely wouldn’t fit. The Namco is a genius idea. Now to find an evil scientist willing to have a go at sawing up a JLF shaft.

That actually sounds like a good idea, but you would have to start from scratch on the shaft and go to a local machine shop and pay $$$ for that custom job. If you bought 2 shafts, cut them, lathed a hole in one and tapped a thread in it, and then lathed off the second part of the shaft and used a die to thread, it could work. I would also drill a hole in the bottom of a stick plate so you could easily stick a screwdriver to access the bottom of the shaft.

Maybe you could PM Kaytrim for this custom shaft. He does the hollow JLF shafts for Joystick LED mods, and a die and a tap are probably $10 each. Sounds interesting.

So maybe if someone cut the shaft down and drilled it so a simple screw and thread was inserted into each end the same way the ball top attaches to the top of the shaft?

Are Sanwa shafts solid or hollow? Does anything run through the middle?

Just remember you can’t use a stock JLF shaft. It’s simply too long to fit inside the case, so you’d need to use the stock shaft.

What if you drill a big 30 mm hole on the bottom under the shaft and add rubber feet for an extra 3mm of clearance?

I did that with a blaze twinstick I modded and it worked out.

you should go with this lil fella :razzy: ! There are some other “pocket arcade” sticks i have seen around the internet. To be honest anything close to a full size arcade stick you will need to carry in a backpack or something.

haha lord no!

I just want something that is of a comparable size depth wise to like a netbook. I’ve seen some awesome tiny sticks built in the gallery thread which I think was made for a guy’s young daughter so I know people can shrink things down.

I just wanted something that was hella thin and didn’t use much extra surface area. Thin, flat and heavy = store it in the overhead luggage compartment then plonk that down on a desk and play away!

I’ve thought about this for a while too since the joystick part is always the hardest to accommodate. Having the shaft just at a screw might be unplayable if it keeps unscrewing itself during play.

I had an idea to use something like a BNC connector locking system that would make removing joystick shaft easy yet not loose in play. I might convince one of the mechanical engineering students at my school to try something out with that idea. But until then, it’s just an idea.

I used to have a Hori Fighting Stick PS for the PS1 and the ball top on the stick wasn’t actually fixed on. You could unscrew it. It did used to work it’s way loose but it took a long while to happen, and it literally took about 2 seconds to screw it back on.

I’ll look into a BNC connector as well. Let me know what those students say!

final_cut I think it was made the thinnest possible formfactor stick by using a small Seimeitsu stick and sanwa buttons. Was pretty cool.

Sure, you could do that, but then you’d just be adding even more height to the stick from the top and bottom.