I need Advice on wire terminals

I was wondering what your guys preference for terminals is. On Slagcoin the guy seems to prefer european style terminals. I was looking at ebay and found these.


Are these any good?

I live in Canada and i was wondering if there was a local shop i could buy these at.


yeah those work great, I used them on my stick. don’t know about places to buy in canada though. Might wanna check if you have any local radio shack type stores. got a place here that sells them for a dollar per strip!

Does it matter what ampage the blocks are? Ive got some 3A ones lying about, would these be ok?

for what youre using for (building a stick I assume) they should be fine.

3A and 5A both work, $0.47 each in my area (0.33) :slight_smile:

The only thing is, once you start going up in the amp ratings, the physical size goes up too.

IMO, aesthetically it’s better to have the smallest block you can.

go to the source and get the euro terminals… it’s cheap


I found three styles of the terminals at circuit city




The European ones are sold out. Are these other ones comparable. What are the differences?

i do not think i was ready for you to put words in quotation marks. i’ll think about what you really want when you put your search in quotes and try to return something that makes sense.

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Eurostyle, american style need spaded terminals crimped on. You’re almost never draw more than half an amp of current total in a stick, and that requires a lot of power drawing mods, such as high brightness LEDs, rumble, etc. So, I really wouldn’t worry about ratings, and just get something compact to fit neatly.

Go for the smallest euro ones you can find.

what am I looking at there in the lower right Robo?

That is the sexiest project box stick I have ever seen. And very slick, too. And then the wiring is so godlike. :tup:

Edit: @ kwango, it is a project box. It is the “original” way to make a multi console stick. http://shoryuken.com/f177/project-box-controllers-guide-modular-controllers-250323/

yeah I figured it was a project box of some kind, but I had no idea there was a whole modular aspect to these, very cool! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Ooof. That wiring.

Can I have a minute alone with this picture?


Yep, it is a project box with DB25 in. That original one was a PS2 DS2, but I also built Saturn and PS3 SIXAXIS (via AXISdapter) boxes that swap in. The box itself is a Serpac A21; they have optional DB9 and DB25 cutout ends.

Hard to believe that stick is almost 3 years old now.

Sorry for the threadjack. :slight_smile:

Oh, wow, that makes a lot of sense that you’d do non-common ground. It’s what makes it so sexy. Heh.

Strange. I wish he would have just soldered the joystick harness together. The terminal seems unnecessary.

I think it was to make the wire black and match the rest of it.