I need aid


Hello, I just recently bought UMVC3 and was curious on what I should do to get started, I have never really understood how real matches should work, Im still in the mentality that you play footsie and use pokes to confirms, so far I dont think its working… you all have any pointers?

Also, what are the terms used in this game, and what do they mean?


Setups and Mix ups, need to use your tools and assists to keep you safe at all times.


If you’re coming from Street Fighter or something, let me start off by saying that this is a very different experience.

The first thing you need to do is find a team that works for you. Make sure you try out all three assist types to see what goes best with the team you’ve selected, and then once you’ve figured that out, head straight to the training room. If you want to get any better at this game, you’ll need to spend literally most (and sometimes all) of your session just training at first. Don’t go into Ranked or anything, you’ll just come out salty. (Oh, and if you don’t already know what salty and pringles is, you will soon find out the hard way). Just spend time learning how each individual character works, what their BnB’s are, and then find out how they work as a team. Keep in mind that some combinations work better than others (Example: Magneto and Sentinel). Most importantly though, I cannot stress enough how important it is to just train, train, train. Train till’ you get sick of it, take a break, and then train some more.

What system do you play on? I’ll add you so we can throw down some matches if you want.


The UMVC3 Fingercramp Babies Guide is a good place to start; I’m going to link the first video, and you can pick up the rest of the series from there. FC also had very good character tutorials on their Youtube page, so you might want to check those out as well when you get to figuring out a team.



You have a lot to learn. First off, you have to accept you’re not going to be anywhere near decent at the game for a very long time. And its going to take lots and lots of gameplay experience to learn things.

To an outside observer that does not play Marvel, its just a big, broken, flashy stupid game that anyone can show up and spam their way to victory in. However, each round is like a chess match between players that know what they’re doing. Theres a lot going on “behind the scenes”.

AKA: Just keep playing the game and don’t give up if you’re losing a lot. Marvel is pretty strict and its easy to get ultra-salty and want to quit, after someone destroys you in 5 seconds.

Even high-tier tournament players have been known to catch embarrassing beat downs over one mistake or two.


Playstation 3, Coltina1991 is my psn


Ok, so here’s what I think. I don’t know if the minimal lag was a hindrance, but I’m going to assume it wasn’t.

Assuming the team you’re practicing with is the one you fought me with (Wolverine/Wesker/Dante) I’d make some changes to how you have it set up. If I was going to use that team, I’d have it as “Wolverine/Dante/Wesker” or put Dante on point and switch Wolverine out with someone who can zone a little better. I’m not a master at this game myself but, overall, it looks like you have potential.

In terms of your execution right now, it seems pretty basic. I’d learn your basic ABCs in the lab before going online against anyone. Once you have those down, start throwing in some OTG’s. Like for instance, I noticed that it seemed like you didn’t know what to do after Dante’s neutral air special. Just hit down+forward~heavy then special again and you can do all kinds of shit with that. You also don’t know how to defend yourself in general very well (example I was easily able to cross you up multiple times with Dante’s teleport).

All of this is nothing that can’t be mended with practice, however. Just organize your team better (I’d probably just go with something like Dante/Deadpool/Wesker) and spend a lot of time in the training room and you’ll be well on your way.


thanks, Ill try wesker instead of Dante or akuma, Im no expert, I have no clue how to play


Learn the terminology as well. Watch some tournaments to see how the top players use your favorite characters.

Also, watch these:



Yeah. A big part of it is that you need to pick a basic character with high priority normals to start. Get the easy ABC, relaunch combos down, and then from there you need to start learning how to defend against characters in this game and start learning how to use assists.

From there you can move into the more advanced stuff like your movement, flight movement, abusable resets and crossups, and kill combos.