I Need an A to Z Tier List

Ok,for my first post I would like someone to post or tell me where I could find a complete tier list for almost any fighting game,Also If you guys have any will you post or could you give me a website to some.

I came in here thinking you wanted a tier list of letters

Top tier: B

shit tier: A, C-Z

no no no man, G is god tier
E,A & M are topt
then in mortal tier everyhing else

God-Tier: G, K, D
Top-Tier: B, S, Q
Mid-Tier: everything else
Shit-Tier: X, R, U

Q is low tier. Got mostly 6:4 and 7:3 matchups, and that’s despite being a secret boss.

Q is low tier unless he is paired with K-U-R-O-D or A.

Q is low tier unless he is paired with K-U-R-O-D or A.

Y can go from having 8-2 match ups to 5-5 depending on if it’s in vowel stance or not.

I would like you to use the search function to look for yourself instead of being a lazy fuck.

Kuroda can rock that Q pretty well though, so I slid it in top just for performance power.

I has a bad matchup with E except after the C assist

I’m feeling nice today so go here.



A would be Alexander the Great, he conquered much shit.
Z would be The Zodiac Killer, he showed up for a bit then just lurked around talking shit.

Only reason you guys are ranking B so high is because it looks like boobs and/or beaver teeth.
A, now there’s a cool looking and frequently used letter. Constantly taking first place in respected words like “alphabet”, “arakune” and “antagonist”.

S, Z and C are the shotos and basically palette swaps.

Shoutouts to EU release only characters like Å, Ü, þ, Ø. Too bad they’re banned for not being in the arcade version.

S-Tier: a, i; letters AND WORDS (broken)

also s can go in there, for obvious reasons.

Your forgetting æ, µ, ÿ, Ö, ?, and ? also.

M is really good in mirror matches, but only when it’s in uppercase mode.

All the consonants can compete if they pick vowel assists.

This video is totally related to this topic.


Storywise. I don’t get K, I mean he’s supposed to be a clone of C, but not so his moves are different? And W is supposed to be his sister?